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Hey y'all, its time for a bit of a personal life update...  

I had to strategically plan the timing of this post because there are even still a lot of things up in the air right now... But I felt the need to go ahead and share because Blake and I have been super crazy lately, and I've been almost completely absent from my blog and social media because we've been dealing with so many stressful life things... So, without further ado, Blake and I would like to announce that it's looking like we will be moving to North Augusta, SC in the next month/month-and-a-half!!

I would like to start out by saying that I am so proud of my hubby, stepping out of his comfort zone to pursue a new job!!  He's been working at Lexington Medical Center for over 5 years, and they have been so great to him!!!  But his new job, at a hospital in Augusta, GA, will pay him a good bit more money for doing the exact same job... And that's just not something we could pass up at this stage in our lives!!!

And as of right now its looking like I will be keeping my current job and commuting until I find something just as good locally in North Augusta! 

We have found a house we love!!  Another fixer-upper as well (of course, is there any other way!?) and are just waiting for the finalized plans with that the come through!!  It only has a 1 car garage, which Blake decided will be used for my car since its brand new, so he sold his beloved show car mustang to allow it to go to someone who could keep it in a garage to better take care of it... Giving up something you love so it could be treated better than you could, how noble!!  Love that man!!!  So, for those of you that know us well, the mustang is gone **I'm seriously crying on the inside though**

It's crazy to think that after buying our current home just 11 short months ago, that we will be transitioning into a new life outside of our hometown for the first time in just one more!!  I can't believe it all happened so quickly either... One minute we were just talking about how much more money his best friend makes at that same hospital, and the next someone is contacting Blake and asking for his resume to interview him for a job that isn't even available yet.... Then, 2 weeks later, he has a job offer!!!  It's really so cool to be married to such a skilled nurse!!  He really is good at what he does, plus is the most patient, caring, hottest male nurse around, so everyone wants him on their team ;) LOL

I promise to continue to blog about all things fashion for you all, I'll just have a "new local" that all of my #shoplocal posts will be about!!  I've already talked to and planned out a collaboration with one North Augusta online-only boutique and look so forward to sharing them with you!!!  And I will be changing up my content a bit too because North Augusta does not have a J Crew **Gasp**  But I promise to stop in at the Columbia location after work sometimes!!!

I'm also very excited about reaching a new market for Demure!!  I happen to already have a good set of loyal customers in the Aiken/Augusta area (most of you will be reading this, so you know who you are ;) and I kinda can't wait to be closer to them too!!  Introducing myself into a new #shopsmall / #shoplocal area could only mean good things for my little boutique, and I'm so excited for the opportunity to expand there!!

Lastly, we will be keeping our current house as a second rental property, which will be listed this evening and will be available starting Sept 15th if you know of anyone who is interested :)

So many things to do with so little time... Please pray for us!!  Please pray that moving will go well, that Blake will love his new job, that I will still be ok with commuting when I have to get up at 5:30 everyday, or that I can find something just as great, in my field, that will pay just as well when we get down there.  Please pray that we get our current house rented quickly, and that all of this is God's will instead of something we are trying to MAKE happen because its something we really want!  We want to make all the RIGHT decisions!!  Please pray for THAT!!!

I love you all, and I thank you so much for being willing to subscribe to this blog and take part in all the things that I love and that are important to me!!  Don't forget to head over to the Giveaways section of this exclusive area to take part in this week's $10 Starbucks gift card giveaway HERE!!  There are only 30 of you, so your chances of winning are pretty high, and your answers to a few of my questions would be so incredibly helpful to me!!!  And then, last but not least, I have also added a section for y'all to be able to shop the items from my closet, including brand new items, items featured on A Demure Life, and some gently used BRAND NAME pieces!!  Right now there is still some Dooney & Bourke, Vince Camuto, Michael Kors, Nine West, and more!!

Have a fabulous weekend!  Blake and I will be in Atlanta at AmericasMart buying jewelry, apparel, and accessories for Demure's Fall collection, so if you have Instagram, follow along with our trip through @mydemure's Instagram Stories!!


- Rachel



So, I have a little life update info for you all today!!  Blake and I closed on our new home in North Augusta yesterday!  We are now the new, and proud, owners of a 1960's split-level in the Hammond Hill's area of North Augusta, South Carolina!!  We are so excited to start working on this fabulous fixer-upper!!  The renovations will include pulling up carpet to expose the hard-woods underneath, tearing down wall paper, painting, building in a dishwasher in the kitchen, updating the kitchen & bathrooms, expanding the master bath, and finishing out the laundry room!!  I can't even wait!!  As my new blog post goes live this evening, I will most likely be knee deep in some major home reno, so pray for our safety LOL!!!  In my blog post tonight, I'm talking about a boutique I've been working with, called Revie!  Regular ole' Joe's reading that blog post will see that there's a coupon code for 15% off their entire purchase...  Well, the owner and I discussed doing something special for my "inner circle" and she allowed me to give you all a better coupon code for 20% off: DEMURE20 :)  How exciting, and generous!!!  I hope you all love Revie as much as I do, and are able to find something you just can't live without there ;)  I promise to post renovation updates for you all in the next month or so!!  I might even let them be subscriber exclusives until I have the whole house "perfect"!!!  I can't wait to do a "Tour of Our Home" post again since everyone responded to the last one so well (its literally been my second most popular post, behind my KegCowboy review)!!  Thank you all so much again for being willing to subscribe to this Demure Life of mine, and following along on the journey with me!!


- Rachel



That's me and my lovely real estate agent, Lauren!!  I just love how this pic shows our personalities so perfectly!!  We had so much fun shopping for houses together!!!  And thank you Blake for this perfect picture!!!  

So, I know this is long overdue...  But who's ready for a home tour!?  I have [fabulous] "before" pictures for you!!!


Our living room:

Our Kitchen:

The Master:

Guest Bedroom & Bathroom:

My Office:

OUR favorite ROOM:

And that's it!!  A lot has changed already, but there is a lot left to go!!  Particularly in the kitchen, pink bathroom, and the game room (with the wood paneling)... The kitchen is demolished, we are getting an island, tile, new appliances, a sink, and countertops installed throughout this next month.  The bathtub/shower in the pink bathroom doesn't have a peer supporting it under the house, so it's literally falling through the floor **yikes**  Well, not anymore... My dad put a floor jack under it, but its only a temporary solution... I planned to make that bathroom smaller in order to make the master bathroom bigger anyway... So that will be our next big project after the kitchen is done!!  And the "game room" is an extra room that Blake and I have never had before, so I don't even have any furniture for it... But that's perfectly fine right now, because currently its holding everything that hasn't been put in its permanent home yet (A.K.A. everything that will be put into the kitchen once its done LOL).  

So, was this a good enough excuse to stop blogging for so long!?  I'm not sure, but it sure did feel like it at the time!!  Now, I super can't wait until I have "after" pictures to show you!!!  But until then...


- Rachel

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Hey Family!  Its been a killer long time since I've posted in here, Oh My Goodness!!!  I just haven't felt like I've had anything important enough going on that I should only share with y'all..... But, since y'all are my inner circle, I wanted to share ALL of D.C.'s shenanigans with y'all!!  So, without further ado, here is our D.C. experience, UNFILTERED and UNEDITED!!!