Renewed Beginnings

Long time, no see...

Life got a little complicated during the past few months that I've been absent.  For starters, Blake and I got the grand idea to make our first move!! We moved out of our first, 900 square foot home that we bought when we got married, and into a house that is a bit bigger!  You might be thinking that anything would be bigger than 900 sq. ft., and I'm here to confirm that you are right!!  More space has been such a blessing! But if moving in-and-of-itself wasn't bad enough, this new home was a fixer-upper [gasp]!  Can you even believe that 2-25 year-olds with full-time jobs, and me with my boutique, decided to move into, and live in, a fixer-upper!?  Well, I can't!! The past 4 months have been ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, tough on our marriage, very tiring, but well worth it!!  We also kept the "little house" as a rental property... So just add landlords to our resume, on top of everything else [feel free to shake your head at me if you'd like].  

This past month has been more restful on the housework end, and then Demure got crazy busy with the holiday rush [praise God though, I'm not complaining].  But my heart still isn't full... I just can't find the entrepreneurial THING that I will not only succeed at, but completely enjoy... So, I think I really would like to give this blogger thing a full-hearted try... My dream, since high school, was to be a boutique owner; to influence fashion and styling decisions that way, make women feel beautiful, and to make a living at it!  But really, that was before Instagram, and before the job title of "Influencer" even existed.  So, I'm gonna play around with this for a little while; being a boutique owner and promoting my stuff from the inside, while being an Influencer promoting my stuff from the outside, along with dozens of other brands that I love and want to promote as well!!  What do y'all think!? [feel free to comment below]

Step 1 has already been completed... I ALREADY HAVE A BLOG!

For step 2, I've started a new Instagram account specifically for my fashion blogging. @ademurelife is the handle if you would like to check it out and also get a few laughs before I have worked out all the kinks LOL!  You'll see on there that I have called myself a "lifestyle blogger"... I've done that mainly because I don't want to limit myself to just fashion!  My husband loves cars, we want to travel, we love food, this fixer-upper has developed in me a love for interior design, I have the most adorable fur baby ... So, this way, I can share it all with the world!!

Step 3 is going to be buying a camera and editing software... A very expensive hobby already, I know!!

Then from there, in no particular order, Blake will need to take a photography lesson or two ;)  I will need to shoot and post a few months worth of blog posts, increase my blog following, and find collaborations [but from the opposite end of the deal than I have experience collaborating - wish me luck].  I hope you like what you will see!!!

With all of the back story revealed, I do have an outfit for all of you lovelies that read my blog!

My number 1 favorite vest of all time [and that's saying something because I own 6, and 1 of those I sell myself at Demure], the perfect plaid button down, and the only beanie I have ever worn out in public when it wasn't snowing!!  Details below:

VEST - J Crew - HERE ($110)

PLAID SHIRT - Craig Reagin Clothiers - Y'all I graduated high school with the owner of this Lexington, SC boutique and I am so proud of what he has accomplished in the past 4-5 years!  His website is and he deserves your attention, so go check him out!!  However, this exact top is not longer available, but I have one with a great pattern, that's on sale, linked HERE

POM POM BEANIE - Demure - HERE ($11)