What's on my Face!?

Hey Ladies!

I have thoroughly enjoyed dipping my hand into the world of blogging this week!!  I have learned so much in just the past few days [{sigh} even though I already thought I had learned a lot {eye roll}], and mostly in the arena of fashion blogging!  I really just can't wait to be able to bring all of you exciting finds, exclusive sales, and first looks!  My heart would just be so stinking full!!

Last night, I spent way more money at Sephora than I would have liked to!  I HATE when I run out of all of my facial essentials ALL. AT. THE. SAME. TIME.... ouch!  Who's with me!?

But that led me to this great post idea!  I've had a bunch of friends ask me what makeup I use, how I apply it, and where I get my supplies from... So here it is, except for the "how I apply it part," because that would have to be a video toutorial, and I'm not equipped to handle that sort of post currently... All in due time, people, all in due time...


For my face, I use Bare Minerals.  I love their mission of creating a clean, natural, minerals-based product!  My very bottom layer, though, is a Skin Ceuticals product called Daily Moisture (not pictured).  I have been using it for 5-ish years and I love it!!  I've been offered many other moisturizer options and I just can't leave it... Its THE ONE!  If you'd like to try some, leave me a comment and I can tell you personally how to get it.  The next thing on my face is the product on the far right - Bare Minerals' Complexion Rescue.  This is only the second time I've purchased it, so its fairly new to me, but its lightweight, and tinted, and I really like it so far!  I have very oily skin, so ANY make-up has to be touched up at least once during the day (I start my make-up day around 6:30 and this product usually needs a touch-up around 3:00; 8 hours + is pretty good!).  Because I'm a toucher-upper, I have liked this product because it touches up well, without leaving a thick cakey spot on my oiliest areas after re-touch!  It is a gel product though, so if you do try it, please note that after you apply, you have to let it dry before moving on to the next layer so it doesn't ball up!  

The third thing on my face is the Bobbi Brown Color Corrector.  I use this product just under my eyes (dark circles) on my nose (because I have thin skin there, so my nose is redder than the rest of my face), and on whatever blemish I need to cover that day.  Love this stuff, but definitely make sure you find the right shade for you!!  And Jan 5 through Jan 11 you can receive up to 30% off of Bobbi Brown cosmetics + free shipping + a free gift with purchase from Belk, just use this link HERE!!!  The next product would be a very light layer of Bare Minerals Matte Foundation.  I use Fair :)  This is just to take away the shine that the gel finish of the Complexion Rescue creates.  Next is the Bare Minerals' Mineral Veil.  Honestly, I don't necessarily think this product does very much, but I have never not used it because that's what Bare Minerals says should be the finishing touch on their makeup!  And I'm a rule follower [blame my parents]...  Next I put a little blush on my checks, also Bare Minerals, but if one of you readers is going to follow what I use to the T, Bare Minerals blush is a little expensive for what it is, unless you are using it purely because its natural, like me :)  But really, any blush will do!  Seriously, its the 5th layer on your face, its not even touching your skin!  

Finally, the eyes! My favorite!! The eyeliner I bought last night is the bottom product in the picture... This was actually the first time I have ever purchased it!  It was a suggestion of the Sephora make-up artist, and I'll never go back to Bare Minerals eyeliner again!!  It's called Smashbox Always Sharp, and I got Sumatra (their brown).  It's called "Always Sharp" because the cap self-sharpens the end of the liner when you close the lid - OMG it always has a nice point for a sharp, clean, thin eyeliner line!!!  [Just take a moment to think about that.... ok, now you know why I love it so much!!]  Lastly, I use L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara.  It comes in a gold tube, which is an added bonus ;)  And it is actually a product that I get form Walmart (or CVS, etc.).  I have very sensitive eyes, and neither of these eye products mess with my eyes/skin/allergies.  

My go-to, everyday wear, lip gloss is Bare Minerals Party Starter!

For special occasions I use the original Urban Decay Naked pallet for eye color!

And for special occasion lips, I usually do a red lip, and my favorite red-lip product thus far (and I've tried many) is actually a birthday gift I got for free from Sephora 2 years ago - the Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil by NARS.

I hope this sort of post was something you loved!!  Feel free to leave me a comment below with compliments, suggestions, or any other questions you would like me to answer!