At The Office Mid-Spring

Hey Ladies,

I'm so sorry its been so long since I've had the time to take outfit pictures and put together links to the pieces to post for you all!!  I really intended to be able to devote more of myself to this project, but life happens I guess :) 

Not to give excuses, but to explain, here's what's been happening: On April 16th-18th Demure had a super sale that turned out WAY better than I thought, so it kept me pretty busy for about a week making jewelry, putting together packages, and shipping them all off!!  On the 17th, right in the middle of my sale (of all times) my hubs decided we needed to get new phones, and because there is no "what to do before you walk into Verizon - just in case" list, I lost all of the pictures I had taken since the last time I synced my phone to my computer :(  Which totally happened to include 2 outfit picture sessions I had done for you guys!  So at that point I was feeling a little discouraged about my blogging dream because my time and efforts had been lost in the technologically un-inclined blackhole.  The following weekend my darling husband took me to Charleston for the weekend for my 25th birthday!  That was a trip that I won't soon forget - Charleston Place Hotel, Magnolia's for dinner, Champagne and Chocolate covered strawberries, and Kate Spade!! The next week, my grandfather's health took a sharp turn for the worse, so I thankfully spent all of my evenings after work with him :)  A week later he passed away.  Three days after that, my amazing sister-in-law graduated, with honors, from Anderson University with a BSN, so we did 2 days of events and celebrating with her!  Followed by my grandfather's funeral, and lastly, the surprise party I threw my husband for his 25th birthday, all in one weekend!!  But now that I have had a second to breath, I couldn't wait to share this look with all of you!

I basically love everything about this outfit!  It has a dark, classic, skinny-jean that I'm sure you already have in your closet, a navy blue blazer that will never go out of style, a pastel pop-of-color, a trendy neon shoe, and of course, a dainty Demure accessory!  Here's how you can add these beauties to your wardrobe:

JEANS - J Crew -  HERE ($115)

TOP - J Crew -  HERE ($59.99)

BLAZER - Banana Republic, but it's sold out. So I've linked 2 others:

 1) A lighter-weight, good for Summer blazer for $79.99 from a company I'm unfamiliar with HERE 2) A more all-year-around option for $72.79 from ASOS, a great company HERE

SHOES - DSW -  HERE ($59.99)

BANGLES - Demure - HERE ($5 each)