Summer Lovin'

Hey Ladies,

Most of you who know me know that I don't do "casual" very well.  But, since Blake and I were planning to go to the beach this weekend I wanted a casual t-shirt dress.  I shopped a few places and online, and decided on this one (I bet you can't guess where its from :).  I'm a little sad that the pic had to be taken in my hallway mirror like the rest of them, since I had plans for it to be taken on the beach... But even though our plans got rained on I'm excited to share this one with you all!  P.S I dressed it up a bit!

DRESS - J Crew - HERE ($59.50)

SHOES - J Crew - HERE ($140)

OTHER GOLD SHOE OPTIONS - $39.99 from ModCloth HERE or $49.99 from Gilt HERE 

A SILVER SHOE OPTION - $39.99 from ModCloth HERE

BANGLES - Demure and Kate Spade - I have 5 bangles on for this outfit: 3 Mixed-wire bangles ($5 each), 1 Crystal bangle ($20), and 1 Kate Spade bangle ($32)