Business As Usual

I'm now in week 3 of officially being a blogger!!  It's been a little hard with a day job and a boutique competing for my time, but I'm managing, and Blake is being so helpful and understanding!!  I feel like its going just as well as could be expected for such a young brain-child, and I'm quite happy with it so far!  [But let's see how long that lasts LOL]  

I really think this was finally the right time for me to start it...  I've learned so much over the past 2 and a half years about blogging, the fashion affiliate market, how works, how to play the social media game, etc.  I've made blogger friends who have patiently answered so many questions, and I've been fortunate enough to have seen the industry from all sides of the advertisement - from the seller's side, the promoter's side, and the consumer's side.  Plus, my heart is finally truly in it!!  Over these past 2 and a half years of Demure's existence, I've taken 2 largish (4 month) "breaks," I guess you could call them, where I was so discourage by the whole thing that I just stopped working at it or towards my dream as a whole!!  But this time around, I'm busting my butt at it not to earn money, not to escape a "real" job, not to fill a void in my heart, not to prove myself to anyone, but because its just WHAT I WANT!!  I'm doing it just because its what I like to do, it makes me happy, and God has blessed it this time!!  He just must have wanted my heart to be in the right place.  I'm thankful He had me wait on His timing!!

I'm so excited to see where this thing is going!!  I hope to succeed in it not only for myself but maybe possibly to help others as well!!  I've had a friend reach out to me with questions about how to start her own blog already!  And I've met another blogger who hopes to be a boutique owner - now talking to this boutique owner who wants to be a blogger... AMAZING!  Another group of blogger ladies have so graciously opened their support group to me with open arms, making me feel so welcome in this new community!!  That's really what it is... An incredible community!!  And I'm so thankful for it!!  I can't wait to keep you posted with how its going!

I have a business casual outfit with details below - I know I've had these joggers on repeat, but they are just that great, I promise, I literally want to wear the everyday!!

PANTS - ILY Couture - HERE ($58)

OXFORD - Demure - HERE ($32)

SWEATER - Nordstrom HERE ($39)

SCARF - Scarf&.com HERE ($12)

SHOES - Target - HERE ($21)

If you are on Instagram, please follow @ademurelife || If you all keep showing so much love on Facebook, I might create a new Page for A Demure Life separate from my personal Page || And PLEASE leave a comment about what you think of the blog so far!! Let me know what topics you would like me to cover/any questions that you have!!