Cho on Main

This is another local business review for my Local Readers - if you just need the outfit details, scroll down to under the images!

I've been getting my hair cut by Sandra at Cho on Main for almost 2 years now!!

I started going there at the recommendation of a friend, and I've just never stopped - I fell in love!!

The main reason why I love this place so much is obviously the quality of the haircut I received from Sandra all those months ago.  Honestly, with maybe the exception of one other hair dresser, my first haircut at Cho had been the only haircut I had ever gotten that was exactly what I asked for... Meaning that she cut my hair how I wanted it, not how she thought I should wear it!!  Has anyone else had a haircut that was the exact opposite of what you asked for!?  As a curly-haired individual, I have received MANY of those cuts!!  But Sandra was different,  she gave me what I asked for and has kept me coming back ever since!!!  I've had many people ask me how she is with color as well, and in my opinion she's fantastic!!  But with that said, I have only had my hair colored 3 times, and 2 of those times were her... So, in order to provide full disclosure, I don't have very much experience having my hair colored, but I do think my color was phenomenal!!  Her conversation is so genuine as well!!  She remembered the things that were going on in my life from the last visit, and so graciously asked about them!!  And, she has amazing stories to tell about her travels... PLEASE ask her about her trips to New York... As a person who desperately wants to visit there, I soaked up every word, and her NY skyline pictures are so fun to look at!!!

But not only is this place worth visiting because of all of its Salon features (they also do waxing, nails, etc.) but this place is also A BOUTIQUE!!!  You all know how much I love a "shop small, shop local" boutique, now!!  This place is very much worth the trip, I promise!!  P.S. I noticed while I was there Friday morning that all shoes are 75% off!!!  Cho on Main pictures and details of my outfit from that day are below (You can get my entire look for under $100!):

LEGGINGS - Demure - HERE ($20)

SHIRT - Demure - HERE ($32)

SWEATER - Demure - HERE ($34)

NECKLACE - Unknown (So I've linked similar ones) - HERE ($15), HERE ($38), and HERE ($12)