Southern Winter Wear

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a fantastic week!!  Mine's been ok... I ran into a little bit of cyber bullying at the end of last week, which started this one off on a weird note, but all is good now! 

I'm also SO SAD about the 75 degree January days!!  Winter fashion is my absolute favorite!! But all will be ok there too...  I'll just have to plan some Spring outfits a little early for y'all this year!  Pastels, here I come!!!

The outfit I have planned for y'all this week is perfect for just this very kind of weather!! It's a good temperature transition outfit.  It has multiple layers that can be removed whenever necessary between the 40 degree mornings and the 75 degree afternoons.  The sweater is short sleeved if you end up needing to get all the way down to that!

Details below:

PANTS - White House Black Market - HERE ($70)

TOP - Demure - HERE ($31)

SCARF - Demure - HERE ($25)

JACKET - Mine is sold out, but I've linked a better one - HERE ($119.90)

This jacket is regularly $198, but is 35% off for a limited time, so hurry to get yours!!

BOOTS - Nordstrom - HERE ($149.90)