Comfortable Fashion

Hey Ladies,

How has everyone been doing?  I sincerely hope that 2017 has been treating you all sooo well thus far!!  I also hope that the ridiculous back-and-forth temperature changes with the rain bonus hasn't gotten anyone too sick either [because I know how awful it is... Friday will be 4 weeks running for me]!  Even though I've started 2017 with a 5 day vacation from my day-job, I have been such a busy bee!  With the extra work it takes to start up a new blog, continuing to promote Demure, working full-time at my day job, trying to find a new fixer-upper for Blake and I to work on, all while trying to be a good wife and dog mom, I've found myself being a little tired and slightly absent minded... So, for the first time since September, I spent almost 5 hours on the couch this morning!!  Doing what you may ask!?  Watching Harry Potter of course!!  The only thing that pulled me away was a few errands, including an orthodontist appointment :)

This was my outfit of choice for errand running today!!  Comfortable and Classic [notice I didn't say "classy"... the UGGs disqualified me for that HAHAHA].  Basically, this is an outfit anyone and everyone could pull off, and therefore are pieces you should all have!!  Details below:

JOGGERS - ILY Couture - A fabulous boutique out of Utah, that may just be my new favorite!!  Everything they have is so great!!  Take these joggers for instance, they are perfectly on trend, the off-colored draw strings show that they weren't cheaply made (as opposed to the whole garment just being all one color to save money), they can easily be dressed up or down, and they are literally the softest things I have ever put on!!  I was actually taken aback a little when they first arrive because they are so much softer than I anticipated!!  Get them HERE.  And to make it even better, you can receive 15% off of your first order!!  You won't regret that purchase, I promise!!

SWEATER - Everyone needs a white sweater!!! I've linked a great one thats on sale for under $32 HERE!  And another thats on sale for just $17.49 HERE!!

BOOTS - The oh, so popular, UGG boot!!  I'm sure you already have a pair in your closet, which makes this outfit all the more AWESOME!!  But just in case you don't, HERE is the link for some UGGs, and HERE is the link for a less expensive option (I'm talking only $19.97 people)!!