February Product Review

A couple of weeks ago, I sat in a make-over chair at the MAC Cosmetics counter in BELK for almost 2 hours!!  The make-up artist told me about dozens of products and tried several of them on my skin!!  I left with 4 products that I have used for 2 full weeks.  I feel like this was sufficient time to be able to tell you what I love about each one!!  And, I have picked 1 favorite item that everyone needs in their morning routine!!

The center (white bottle) product is an oil control lotion that I got to try out!  I've told y'all once before that I am totally in love with my daily moisturizer, and though I have not fully given it up, I am using this every morning on top of it now.  The best part about this product?  The smell!!  LOL I know that sounds funny, but it is my favorite feature because I can still smell the fresh scent later on in the day :)  

The top left (black bottle) product is one of MAC's makeup primers.  They have many, but this one in particular was suggested to me because of the oiliness of my skin.  I love how light weight this primer is!  And, I'm sorry to say, I like both the scent and lasting-ness of this primer in comparison to the Bare Mineral's tinted primer I have used for years!!  

The compact is the Studio Fix foundation and I love that it is a pressed powder...  I previously used Bare Minerals' loose powder for 5 years, and I'm mostly enjoying how less messy this MAC product is!  It comes with a sponge, but I have been applying it with a brush for a lighter coverage, and I must say, I'm very impressed with it!!!  You can get it HERE.  

Lastly, I bought this "Prep + Prime" spray.  Contradictory from its name, I have been spraying it on at the END of my makeup routine (well, after the blush, but before the eyeliner).  And before I go all "fangirl" on you, I must go ahead and disclose that this is one of my favorite products I have ever purchased!!

This super refreshing spray has green tea extract and cucumber for hydration, and caffeine for redness reducer, and I freaking love it!!  I spray it on after I am finished applying all facial powders, and then I even reapply it after I touch up my make-up mid-day (I just always have to touch up because I have super oily skin, period).  It noticeably reduces redness by the time it dries and my skin feels so refreshed, even after just rubbing a brush over and over it to apply the foundation!  One of my friends commented how smooth my face looked at dinner the other night, and I swear this product is what made the difference!!  If you only purchase 1 item, it should definitely be this one!!  Seriously, its only $24, and you can get it HERE.

Comment below with your favorite make-up items - I'd really love to try them too!!!