A Demure Life is Legit

At first I felt like this day would never come, but now that its here, I look back and can't believe how quickly it flew by!!  I can't believe I'm already 2 months into blogging, I have this BRAND NEW dedicated site for it, I have scheduled my first collab, I'm going to my first professional photo shoot tomorrow, I have 1300+ followers on Instagram, 5 subscribers to my blog, and 36 Likes on Facebook!!!  This past month has been an absolute whirlwind, and I am so grateful for every second of it!!!


I never would have thought it was going to start off this great!!!  It literally could have gone so much differently than is has...  It could have been super slow, with no one following along, and I could've had writer's block, or gotten burnt out and discouraged, but none of that has happened yet!!   And all I can do is sit back and thank God, since its only because of Him that I've come as far as I have!!!  I know I've said this before, but I finally feel like He decided it was the right time, and now all of my hard work is falling right into place... with this blog, and especially with Demure!!  You have to trust HIS TIMING, in all things!!!

I hope all of you are enjoying reading this blog as much as I am enjoying putting it together for you!!  I love a challenge, I love learning new things, and I love fashion, and this adventure has been nothing but all of those things!!  I can't wait to see what the next month brings, and I DEFINITELY can't wait to show you the pictures Abbie Blair, with Southernly Studios takes!!

JEANS - White House Black Market - HERE ($70)

TUNIC - Demure - HERE ($32)

WATCH - Kate Spade - HERE ($225)

SHOES - Target - HERE ($14.98)