Spring... Finally!!

Happy 3rd day of Spring Babes!

I don't know if you're anything like me or not, but if you are, you absolutely hate when your freshly shaved Summer legs get cold and chill bumps make them prickly again [uugghhhhh]. I HATE that!!!  So, because its still pretty chilly in the morning and in the evening, but gets pretty warm during the day, I've put together this little transition number for you!!

This top is made of linen, so its quite cool, but long-sleeved so you don't look out of place in the cool temps!  You could also cuff the sleeves at any point during the day to make it work better for the warmer temps!!  Though, you most likely wouldn't get hot, because of the nature of a linen shirt.  White denim is good for all year long in my opinion, but if you still aren't comfortable with that notion, this is unarguably the right time of year for it!!  I know a lot of women think they can't wear white denim because its so unforgiving, but even if its not "skinny white denim," you should still get you some white denim, it is a Summer STAPLE!!!  Cuffing the hem of your [skinny] jeans is an easy way to make them for comfortable in the warmer parts of mid-day, white or otherwise!!  And these wedges are so perfect for the transition temps because, well, they are actually suede and cover most of the foot LOL!!  They come in 3 colors, and are the number 1 shoe must-have for this Summer if you ask me - that's why I just bought them myself!!  

I've provided links for each of these pieces below... This top and jeans are both 30% off through Friday March 24th with code: HAPPYSPRING


TOP - J Crew - HERE ($88 - but $61.60 with the coupon code)

JEANS - J Crew - HERE ($115 - but $80.50 with the coupon code & J Crew jeans are never that cheap, so you should totally take advantage of this amazing price of the best jeans I've ever owned - I have 4 pair, just saying!)

NON-SKINNY WHITE JEANS - 7 for All Mankind - HERE ($49.98)

SHOES - Steve Madden - HERE ($59.95)