Skinny Coffee Club: Part 2

Hey Friends,

I know a bunch of you are excited to hear the update on my Skinny Coffee Club experience, and I'm here to tell you that I do have positive news!!

So, tomorrow will be the official 2 week mark since I've started drinking Skinny Coffee Club coffee every morning... And, I love it!!

Before I continue, please know that I am being given this product free of charge, but all of these thoughts are completely my own!!  They aren't reading my blog or following my Instagram, so I feel no pressure to say anything here that's contrary to what I actually believe!!

This drink has become part of my morning routine!!  But, it was difficult at first... It doesn't taste like any coffee I have ever had before!  But that's because its part coffee, part green tea, and if you understand that going into it (not going into it expecting your usual dark roast), its actually quite good!!

Skinny Coffee Club claims this drink will do a few things: 1. energize, 2. help with weight loss, and 3. clear up skin...  I will give an account of each one individually:

  1. Energize: I haven't felt sluggish drinking this coffee, that's for sure.  But, I don't think it has as much caffiene as regular coffee because when I drank a cup of "real" coffee at brunch on Saturday, my hands were a little shaky since that was my first cup of regular coffee in a week and a half.  But because it doesn't have as much caffeine, I can still sleep at night if I decide to have a cup in the afternoon too!  So, either way, it still keeps me going throughout the day!!
  2. Weight Loss: Honestly, I haven't lost as much weight as I should have by this point, but to be honest again, I've been eating my feelings because of all of the stress this wreck is causing our family...  But once all of the insurance issues have been handled, I plan to do a much better job following the food and exercise guides that came with my Skinny Coffee Club coffee.  But, even with all of that said, I have STILL LOST 3 POUNDS, even in the midst of all those doughnuts!!  Now, that truly speaks to the success of this product!!
  3. Clearer Skin:  This is actually the benefit that I noticed first, and am most happy with!! Within 3 days of drinking this coffee, it had flushed my body of enough toxins to allow all of my blemishes to clear up!!  Again, even under all of this stress, my skin hasn't looked this good since the last time I took a strong antibiotic LOL!!  Including the nasty blackheads that even acne treatments don't help with... So much better!!

All-in-all I am so glad I was given the opportunity to try this product out!!  I feel like it works and is worth the money... Especially if you are dedicated to a little workout and dieting too!!  This coffee could be the jumpstart you need to see quicker results and not lose motivation!!  And because this is an all natural product, I have seen absolutely no negative effects from it thus far.

BONUS!  All of my gorgeous readers can receive 20% off of their purchase with code: ADL20

Let me know if you decide to give it a try because I would love to chat with you more about it, and answer any other more specific questions you may have!!  I look forward to giving you my 4 week update in 2 weeks!!

XOXO - Rachel