The Decorative Sleeve Trend

As a jewelry LOVER, this means A LOT coming from me...  I feel like this new decorative sleeve trend is allowing me to not feel like I have to wear jewelry just to make my outfit interesting...  Tops with decorative sleeves have a ton of personality all on their own!!!

The trend is fantastic!!  These garment take more effort from the manufacturer to produce, so in some cases, you know you're getting a top that took a lot more thought than just your average tank, crop-top, or tee!  These details allow us to show off a little of our character without having to spend an extra $20 on a necklace to give our new shirt a little something extra!!  


I'm sure you can recall that you've seen this trend developing more and more over time...  First with flutter sleeves, next with the lace or crochet detailed sleeves, then with the cold-shoulder tops, next with the off-the-should tops, and now with sleeve cuff additions off ALL KINDS!!  

So... I've done a little online shopping for you... And I've collected all of my favorite sleeve-trend tops and put them all in one place!  Checkout my favorite, perfectly on-trend pieces for Spring/Summer below: