The Turquoise Tusk

You all know how #shopsmall/#shoplocal is VERY near and dear to my heart!!  And though this amazing mom & daughter boutique may not be local for the majority of my readers, they have a website you can order from, and they SO deserve your support!!  

Mrs. Wendy originally started The Turquoise Tusk because of her love for jewelry and fashion, but her equal love for always wanting to "find the look, for less."  The spark began when her friends would ask her where she got certain pieces.  She started buying and selling to them...  But during the summer of 2016 this hobby developed into a full fledged business with the help of her daughter.  And boy do I love a mother and daughter duo!!  They really love picking out inventory together.


The store's name and logo came from Wendy's love for elephants (mostly from being a University of Alabama Alumni & huge Crimson Tide fan)!  But this majestic animal also went nicely with the Boho vibes she was interested in putting out!!  As for the last contributor, "Turquoise," happens to be her favorite stone!  Thus, The Turquoise Tusk was born!!

Its been such a long-time dream of hers to own her own boutique, and she has finally made it a reality!!  Good for you Wendy!!!!  I'm so proud of you for pursuing your dreams and going for it whole-heartedly (I'm jumping up and down and clapping my hands while I type this)!!!  Way to be an inspirational #girlboss


Wendy says the best part of it all is how many amazing women she has met through this adventure!!  She has made some really great friends from her loyal customers.  She truly loves making them happy, which is why she started giving a free, usually personalized, gift with every purchase!!  Its her way of giving back to all the women who are helping her see her dreams become a reality!!

Like most small online boutiques, she does hope to expand into a brick & mortar store eventually, but until then she will continue to provide the best quality pieces at the lowest possible prices!!  Because, according to her, every fashion lover should be able to achieve "the look" they are searching for without spending a fortune!!  

I think this mom & daughter have incredibly generous hearts, and I have loved nothing more than talking back and forth with Wendy, getting to know her a little better, and having the privilege of getting to wear some of her hand picked pieces!!!

Clear Quartz Gold Trimmed Arrowhead with 14k Gold Plated Chain - HERE - $16.99

Gold Bar Rose Quartz Block Stone Necklace - HERE - $13.99                                                  

Y'all those prices are unbeatable!!  That Arrowhead necklace is absolutely incredible!  Its worth $16.99 for the 14k gold plated necklace chain alone... but you get the real quartz arrowhead on top of that - AMAZING!!  I paired it with my favorite t-shirt dress and wedges to dress up that casual Summer look a little bit!!  The Rose Quartz necklace its such a great length... And don't pretend it isn't THE MOST PERFECT COLOR FOR SPRING #blush :)  It might even be my favorite of the 2 pieces, because its so stinking on-trend and spot-on cute!!

Please check this great jewelry boutique out on Instagram: @theturquoisetusk and on Facebook:

XOXO - Rachel