Top 10 Most Haves

So, on Saturday's Chambray Dress post I mentioned that I might just go ahead and do an entire series on my Top 10 Summer Must Haves for your closet... And since I started it with the chambray dress (because that is an absolute MUST HAVE) I will continue it this week, and just give you the rest of the nine all at one, here, tonight!

My Top 10 Must Haves for your Summer {but really all year long} Closet:

1. A Chambray Dress - as mentioned previously in Saturday night's post - an absolute must have for all year long because of its versatility and comfortableness!  I have narrowed all of the ones I showed in that post down to my one favorite, which you can shop below.

2. Hole-y Jeans - I have been searching for the perfect pair for YEARS!!  These trendy pants have been popular for going on almost a decade, and I think they are here to stay... And THAT's why you need to have a pair in your closet!!  It took me so long to find the right pair because I wanted them to be ripped up on the more extreme end, but not be too light of a wash at the same time!!  I found these beauties at the Lucky Brand store in Charlotte, NC and they were on super sale for $37!!!  I told the associate what I was looking for and she knew just the pair - but she had to go dig for them in the back room, and I was so "lucky" that they still had my size OMG!  And you aren't going to believe it, but I found you my EXACT pair HERE and still available in all sizes!!  Am I amazing, or what!?  But I also linked a GREAT, LESS RIPPED up pair below!

3. Nude Pumps - Mine are Michael Kors, and surprisingly VERY comfortable!  They are a little darker than the beloved Louboutins #shoegoals, but I'm pretty proud of this pair I got for my birthday all the same!  You too need a pair of nude heels because 1. nude goes with EVERYTHING (you name it, you can where a nude shoe with it, I promise) and 2. If you don't like to where heels much, then this could be the ONLY pair you have to own... Since they go with everything, duh!  I've linked my exact pair HERE.  These aren't too high, but are still high enough to give that sexy leg silhouette, and they are such a good price point for MK!  I also linked a lighter-colored nude pair below!

4. A Black & White Striped Shirt - This is more of a personal opinion than a widely agreed upon "must-have" fact... But you all know my style tips are totally legit because I'm never wrong **wink, wink**  But seriously, its the perfect go-to!!  To accompany my former posts about adding a pop-of-color accessory (shoes, necklace, etc.) to your wardrobe, a black and white striped shirt adds the perfect base for that!!  It has enough character on its own for a casual, neutral look, but when the time comes that you needed to jazz it up a bit, it is perfectly suited for that too!! I linked a cute one with a PEPLUM below, but you can find my exact one HERE (side note: online it says "blue" but I promise it looks white in person - just look at the pic below)!!

5. White Denim - And unless you have little boys running around with dirt on them all the time, I really hope you already have a pair!!  White denim is a staple for me from March to October here in the South!!  Like, I have more than 1 pair so I don't have to wash white clothes often enough to keep 1 pair clean!!  You can find my favorite pair HERE, but I have also linked a less expensive pair below!

6. A Chambray Shirt - Just as versatile as the chambray dress, a chambray shirt is important just because of the simple fact that it goes with everything!!  Do you have a pair of unusual colored pants or a pair of patterned shorts that you never know what top to wear with it!?  Well, whether they're dressy or casual, a safe answer would be a chambray shirt!!  I have linked my exact one down below this time because its important that you check that one out... A long sleeved, collard chambray shirt would be most valuable to your wardrobe because it can be worn all year long if you just roll the sleeves up in the warmer months, and the collar allows it to be dressed up easier! This one is on the higher end of shirt prices, but if you've been following along with me for any amount of time, you know I prefer quality over quantity, and I've had this shirt for 5 years now!!  It's not a purchase you will have to make again for a very long time and totally worth the cost!!  Though, you can get a cheaper version HERE but it doesn't look quite as good ;)

7. Navy Shorts - This is just something you should have because everyone will be wearing shorts this Summer, and I personally think navy is better for the Summer months than black now that navy is so popular!  Navy shorts will go with everything now-a-days, including black and brown -  thank you 21st Century!!  I've linked a pair I've had for 3 years now, below!

8. White "Keds" - I always say "Keds" when I'm talking about these perfect little white tennis shoes, but mine are actually Vans!  I love these shoes, even though they are somewhat of a pain to keep white!  They are the cutest little Taylor Swift addition to any dress (to make it a little more casual), with any shorts and t-shirt combo, or with jeans and a casual top!!  I've linked my favorite pair that are always in stock, below!

9. A Little Black Dress - Ok people, I'm adding this one to the list because it is very important for every woman's wardrobe, but I feel like it needs no explanation...  You just have to have one!!  I've linked a simple, elegant, classy (DEMURE) one below!  P.S. Its only $50!!!

10. A White Button Down - This one is no joke either!!  Even more than the chambray shirt, this shirt could go with everything, and then some; could be dressed up or down; could be long sleeved for colder months or could have the sleeves rolled up for warmer months!  I have 6 of this style top people, varying in price from White House Black Market to Forever 21, but all still just as valuable outfit wise!!  I've linked one from a company I haven't even heard of before below - it has the white-button-down classic cut, is in the mid-price range, and is still available in all sizes!  However, my favorite of all time is from WHBM, I've linked the short sleeve version HERE ($34.99) because its Summer and they only have the short sleeved ones right now (and they are on super sale)... And for those of you that know me know that I hate that store since working there, so you can believe it if I say something from there is great... It must REALLY BE!

Here are the items I've picked out for your closet - Happy Shopping: