All The New Things!

Hey Babes!

I hope you all had an amazing week!! Mine was super crazy busy! I had 3 blogger related events in one week, and it was a lot! Not complaining though… More collaborations means my little corner of the internet is growing, and I couldn’t ask for anything better than that!! I’ve been motivated recently by Rachel Hollis’ “Girl Stop Apologizing.” She reminded me that I needed to be productive, send a ton of emails, do a lot of research, put myself out there, and grow my blog!

Making this the PERFECT opportunity to say “thank you” to all of you who read my blog, follow me on social media, tell your friends about me, buy my style pieces using my affiliate links, and the list goes on…. Not a single business would exist without customers, but what makes our relationship more extreme than that is that no other businesses would even want to work with me if y’all weren’t here! Y’all are literally what makes me valuable!! So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!

For this week, I wanted to share all of my new favorite products with ya’ll! I am a total creature of habit, and rarely try new things… So, if I’ve officially switched to new things, then they are definitely worth talking about!!

The Best Beauty Product Reviews | A Demure Life Fashion Blog

All The New Things!

BeautyCounter’s Brow Gel - This stuff holds my unruly eyebrows in place for 14 hours+. I can’t lie, the tube itself only lasted for about a month… but it’s not a secret that I use A LOT for each application. The color is so much more pigmented than any other “blonde” colors I’ve tried too. Image is linked to products.

SkinCeuticals’ Tinted Sunscreen - I’m totally one of those women that wears makeup to the beach… Not only to be vain, but also to take advantage of the extra sun protection… This sunscreen colored my face so well that I only added mascara and brow gel… The body coverage was so good that it COMPLETELY covered my bikini-line razor bumps - they were nearly invisible!! And trust me when I exclaim how amazing that is! I have super sensitive, very fair skin, and have struggle with bikini bumps for 15 years (since I started shaving there), and I have never once found a product that would cover the gross red bumps before this one. Image linked to product.

TendSkin - Speaking of bikini bumps…. This is another product that assisted in hiding them!! It took about 4 days for the bumps to go away, but as long as I kept using it, they staid away!! Also, a little side tip… Use it the day before you shave as like a pre-treatment, and then you can also use it both morning and night. Image linked to product.

CBD Oil + Melatonin - Last week’s blog post talked about this exact product that I’ve been using, by PharmOrganics. It’s truly amazing, but if you aren’t going to purchase their products, please know that its the combination of the 2 that’s so amazing! Buy CBD Oil and Melatonin separately and just take them together at night before bed… It really is a miracle product combo for me!

Raw Sugar Body Wash - I didn’t realize how much I loved this body wash until we went to the beach and I was without it for a week…. I didn’t feel clean AT ALL without it and my loofah!! No sulfates, no parabins! Its clean, safe, and AMAZING! Image is linked to product, and find my fave loofahs HERE.

e.l.f Highlighter - It is FABULOUS! To be 100% honest, I never used another highlighter before trying this one, so its not like I have a lot to compare it to, to know if its better than anything else… But its seriously great from where I’m sitting! Its not too shiny, it doesn’t over power my face, it stays pretty all day long (8+ hours), it does transfer if you kiss your friend’s baby’s face, it is so inexpensive, and its at your favorite store! This is the “Pearl Glow” shade. Image linked to product.

Orange Earrings - Y’all, I was raised a Gamecock fan… Meaning - the color orange just wasn’t allowed in our household {Clemson University’s color, our arch-rival, just in case you don’t understand the reference :)}. So the fact that I’m obsessed with orange this year is crazy, but the world of fashion marketing has really hooked me with their impressive skills, LOL! Just in case you don’t follow the trends closely, ORANGE IS HOT THIS SEASON!! This pair comes in a 2 pack with a turquoise pair, for only $14, they aren’t too heavy, and they’re both a great pop-of-color for most Summer hues!!

Seven great products!! The perfect number :) Try them all, you’ll love them so much!!

XOXO - Rachel