ASOS Round Up

Hey Babes! 

I've been really obsessed with ASOS lately!  I've been posting about them a lot over the past 2 months on Facebook and Instagram.  But I thought it was about time that I wrote something for my readers!  So, my friends... Let me introduce you to my new retailer crush!!


Remember my Valentine's Day Dress!?  I felt like such a princess wearing it!!  It was so well made, from quality tulle, and was lined underneath so it wouldn't be itchy!  I did have to pin the top closed a little higher than ASOS intended, but I knew that was going to be the case from the model before I bought it.  This dress truly speaks for itself... You can easily see just how beautiful it is!!

Or how about this Fun Dress I wore for my sister-in-law's rehearsal dinner!  The design of the dress was so well thought out, and it just moved so beautifully!  I sized up to a 6 because that's what their size guide recommended for my chest size & it fit perfectly!!  I don't take pictures of my back, but if I did, you would see that this dress has a low back, and with the ruffle around the upper hem, its just so dang PRETTY and flirty!!

ASOS does casual really well too...

I actually love these more casual dresses even more!!  I wear them to work on rotation LOL.  I love the navy & white striped dress so much that I wrote an entire blog post dedicated solely to that one!  You can read it HERE if you'd like :)

ASOS also feeds my shoe habit :) 

The espadrilles come in a 2 pack for $32!  I got 2 pairs of shoes for $32!!!!  If you buy anything from this post, it should be those!!  Espadrilles are too in-style right now to pass up a deal that good!!  They don't come in half sizes, so I sized up to an 8 (from a 7.5) and they fit well.  The nude pointy-toed heels are already reviewed under the "Shoe Reviews" tab, if you're interested in what I think about those!

So, 5 Reasons Why I Love ASOS: 

1. Y'all, they don't charge sales tax OR shipping!!  You can't ask for more than that!!!  I LOVE shopping their site because I don't have to factor in any other cost to my purchase!  Ever since Blake put me on a shopping budget, this has been such a great benefit to me!!  The price I see is the EXACT price I pay!  I'm ashamed to say that's the number one reason why they are my favorite, but if it wasn't for that, I'm not sure they would have drawn me in enough to actually fall in love with their product...  But now that I've had a taste, I'm OBSESSED!!! 

2. I never run into anyone with the same outfit on!  This is because ASOS is a British company.  Well, the fact that they're a British company factors into #1 as well LOL!  So I probably should have mentioned it up there too.  But, there aren't too many people in the US shopping at ASOS in relation to say, the number of people shopping at Forever 21, Target, or LOFT.  It makes me feel more original :)  And as a fashion blogger, I have to work hard at that LOL, and ASOS makes it easier!

3. The quality is incredible for the price!!  I'm not sure if Europe has stricter quality standards, or what... But I can't believe how good the clothes are for a $29-$45 price point!!  All the jazz hands for that, ASOS!!  My fuchsia dress is seriously top quality!  I could easily see another retailer charging $200+ dollars for a dress like that! But no, it was only $83!

4. They provide a video of a model actually MOVING in the item you're interested in!  I mean, they're basically doing my job for me... You can see how it fits her, the length, how its cut... I get the opportunity to pay extra close attention to chest size and armpit structure since those are my problem areas when it comes to tops!

5. They have a fabulous size guide! Its not based on their own measurements, but based on how clothes that you already own and love fit you!!  For instance, if you're a Loft & J Crew lover like myself, I can tell their size guide how those clothes fit me and what size I buy most often there, and ASOS will tell me what size I should buy from them.  Its only been wrong once, and my return was free (well, all returns are free LOL)!

I pretty much always pay for 2 day shipping (or spend enough to get it for free).  If you don't get 2-day, it usually takes a week or so to get your items.  Not that that's too long to wait, I just prefer getting stuff faster!  I blame Amazon for my love of 2 day shipping LOL!  (Wish I could use the "roll eye emoji" from my desktop hahaa)

Anyways, today's Blake's birthday, so I should get off this computer... Love y'all!

XOXO - Rachel