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Hey Babes!

I’ve mentioned before that Blake and I are really into the CBD oil trend… We’ve used CBD oil products to recover better after working out, for anxiety, and even for clearer skin! But recently, I was introduced to a CBD oil product for sleep aid & another for my precious Cinna!

CBD Oil + Melatonin Sleep Aid by PharmOrganics | A Demure Life Fashion Blog

Does anyone else employ the use of sleep aids for their beauty rest!? The better half of me hopes you don’t, because that means you get fantastic sleep, but the other half of me sucks and homes that we’re in the same boat, because the truth is that I take them EVERY NIGHT, and I don’t want to be alone in that!! To be completely transparent, I just can’t shut my brain off at night on my own... I’ve had help doing so, from various sleep aids, since the day I left for college. For a long time, I took a sleep aid that used the drowsy ingredient in NyQuil for a LONG TIME! Then, I switched to a sleep aid that used the drowsy ingredient in Benadryl. Next, I just took Benadryl itself.... Devastatingly, my allergist said that wasn’t a great idea, because if I ever had an allergy emergency and really NEEDED Benadryl, it wouldn’t be as affective because I allowed my body to become too used to it.

PharmOrganics Sleep Aid with CBD Oil | A Demure Life Fashion Blog

Then… PharmOrganics reached out to me with this inspiringly NATURAL sleep aid. I was like, “oh, it’s just Melatonin” at first - thinking it wasn’t going to do anything for me... But then, upon research, I learned that its added CBD oil works in combination with the Melatonin to not only help you fall asleep, but does so because it’s actually helping relieve your anxieties and quieting your brain, not just making you drowsy!! With my old sleep aids, I could still toss and turn for an hour before actually falling asleep, but now, I don’t even remember falling asleep at all!!! For those of you with sleep issues, you can attest to how much of a blessing that is!! Thank you PharmOrganics for changing my sleep life!! #sleepsaver

And remember how I mentioned that they sent my fur baby a little something too….

CBD Oil Dog Treats by PharmOrganics | A Demure Life Fashion Blog

He can’t really speak English, but I do speak a little Dog, and he LOVES them!! They are a mid-sized treat. So for Cinna (being a smaller breed), I break them in half, and they’ve lasted for over a month now! Plus, they’re a softer treat. So if any of you, like myself, have a absolutely brilliant dog that requires the use of pill-hiders in order to take their monthly dose ***rolls eyes and gives dog an evil look,*** then rest assured that these work well for that too!! I just shove each half of his Trifexis right in, and he’s none-the-wiser ;) #dogtricker

If you’re new to the CBD oil trend, I feel the need to let you know that CBD oil products are a little pricey if they’re worth their salt… In fact, Blake’s pure CBD oil costs about $150, and its only a 2 fl oz bottle!!! So, if you check these products out, and are interested in purchasing either the Melatonin + CBD Oil SleepAid or the CBD Oil Dog Treats, please don’t forget to use code: rach15 for 15% off! That’s one valuable coupon code, trust me!

Please note, this post is sponsored by PharmOrganics, but all thoughts and opinions are my own! In fact, I used both of their products for A MONTH before publishing this post, to make sure that they REALLY WORKED for me!!

XOXO - Rachel