Festival Style + 2 Ticket Giveaways!

Hey Babes!

I’ve recently learned that there’s nothing more fun than stepping out of your wardrobe comfort zone and wear fun clothes!! Most of you have been reading long enough that you know I am very much into preppy fashion, mostly neutrals, and definitely modest…. So, let me be the first to tell you that I struggled to put together the right festival looks for this week’s post. I wanted them to be perfectly fun, festival appropriate but not over the top, and not too expensive since not all items will be able to be worn in “real life.”

So, after a couple weeks of planning, I’ve put together 3 outfits for each of the most popular types of festivals in today’s music scene:

Mainstream, EDM, and Country

But not only do I have an awesome festival style lookbook put together for y’all, but I’m also giving away festival tickets to 2 sets of lucky people!! So, read, shop, enter, and cross your fingers!!

This first look is for your mainstream music festivals…. Like everyone’s favorite festival, Coachella for example, or other dessert shows. For these types of festivals, you really have a couple of style options…. You will see anything from extremely boho, to a little rock n’ roll :) I chose to style something a little in-between… But depending on what style you choose, I will say that you HAVE TO have a felt hat!! I don’t usually wear hats, but since buying this one 2 weeks ago, I’ve already worn it 3 times - for this look, to an Anberlin concert, and with my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale finds, each of which you can find under my “What I Wore” tab!! And, this retro denim skirt is amazing! Plus, its definitely something you can wear “in real life” too! Also, I’ve had these feather earrings for a couple of months now, and boy do I enjoy them!! And the cut-off tee… Don’t buy one - just cut off one of your old favorites :) You can shop all of this down below!

Now, how about an EDM festival!!? Blake and I are actually going to one of these ourselves in September, so I will for sure be wearing this one IN-REAL-LIFE!! I’m not going to lie, at this kind of festival, most of the outfits are barely there, and if they happen to be full coverage, they are usually see-through, LOL! I mean, pasties, underwear, bathing suits, body paint, etc. It can be crazy! But I put together my own DEMURE version of that…. So, with Blake’s permission, I got myself a sequin bralette and a see-through t-shirt to go over it… And believe me when I say I AM going to wear this to Imagine Music Festival in September!! The bralette is only $5.99 y’all!! Even if I only wear it once, it was totally worth it!! Also, this white faux leather skirt this fantastic!! Its another piece that could totally be worn “in real life.” But please know, you need to SIZE UP! I bought the medium first, and then had to return it for the large… It has no stretch, so it does suck you in very well, but definitely needs to be sized up one! Also, these shoes are worth buying for your everyday wardrobe as well…. They are comfortable, easy to walk in, didn’t have a break-in period, fit true to size, and will totally work for you all year around!

Would you be interested in joining Blake and I at Imagine Music Festival!? I hope you are, because I’m giving away 2 tickets for the whole weekend!! Its in Atlanta, GA September 20-22. This giveaway is already live on Instagram, so you’ll need to head to my post over there for the entry details…. You do have to be at least 18 years old to enter. Good Luck!!

Lastly, how about a country music festival! style? I feel like I’m totally channelling my inner Carrie Underwood in this crochet-top babydoll dress with way too many pearl necklaces!! :) Either a cute dress, OR a pair of distressed denim shorts or jeans would be exactly what you’d need for a country music festival! And do I even need to tell you that you’d also need a pair of cowboy boots!? I must say, I’m pretty impressed with the quality of this $52 pair! Cowboy boots are usually very expensive, and these are great without a $150 price tag! I’m wearing 2 different necklaces in my photos, but I’ve found a similar multi-layer pearl necklace for y’all that’s under $!!, OMG!! Again, you can shop all of these items below!

Would you be interested in attending Wildwood Revival’s country/bluegrass festival September 27-29 in Athens, GA!? It will be in a beautiful barn settings, there will be a vintage market, craft beer, yoga, and fantastic music!! I’m giving away 2 tickets to this one as well!! This giveaway hasn’t gone live on Instagram yet, so y’all have first dibs…. You’ll need to make sure you’re following Me and Wildwood Revival on Instagram, and then comment below that you’ve done it, so I know :)

Putting together this Festival Style post wasn’t easy… But I super enjoyed stretching my mind to become more familiar with styles outside of my “normal!” I think that may even be what being a stylist is all about!!

This post was sponsored by Caren West PR company. They are the ones that were so generous to provide the tickets for me to give away to y’all!! You also may notice that all the photos are a little darker than I would usually post…. They were taken by Vanessa Perkins Photography, and she makes me consider going to little darker/moodier for my aesthetic :) She is AMAZING at what she does! And my hair was colored and styled by Holly Mae at Mane & Trust Salon. She’s a hair goddess, and she too is able to stretch her mind to meet anyone’s hair style. Everyone has come together to help me make this lookbook possible, and I’m SO GRATEFUL for the opportunity to work with all of them!!

XOXO - Rachel

P.S. The Nordstrom Sale is now open to everyone, so make sure you check out my round-up post or shop my buys below!