January's Favorites

Hey Babes!

Can you even believe January is over!? It feels like it just became 2019, and now its time for Valentine’s Day already!? OMG! Time is flying by like crazy… And I just need it to slow down a little bit!! Who’s with me?

Since I haven’t done a “favorites” round-up since October, this one is going to be a little longer than usual… Y’all have been shopping like crazy these past 2 months!! So, let’s take a look at everything y’all have loved:

As usual, to be completely transparent, I want you to know that I am a member of the affiliate program, RewardStyle. This company provides a way for digital influencers, like myself, to link the products we love, and then be able to track those links to purchases made! MOST of the links on my blog are affiliated with RewardStyle. For each purchase made through my links, I do receive a small percentage of the total cost. It costs you NOTHING more to use my links, but the commissions I make help me keep my site up and running, and are allowing me to keep pursuing my dreams!! And just so you know, this is true for most fashion bloggers online.

I can't see what you purchase outside of the product link you clicked, nor can I see who made the purchase.  But the statistics do allow me to see how many (of specific products) were purchased through my website. I love that I can use this service to better serve you and your fashion needs. If something is selling a lot, that tells me that that must be an avenue I need to continue to pursue.

I am also BEYOND grateful for any purchase made through my links!!! Running a blog is hard work, and costly at times, and I couldn't do this without you. Thank you for trusting me to bring you the latest fashion and styling tips.

Y’all’s Favorites from December & January:

Snake Skin Booties || $129 || I was so surprised at how many of you loved these booties as much as I do!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that so many of your are shoe lovers like myself!! Find my full review of these on the “Shoe Reviews” tab :)

Pearl Detail Mules || $30 || Again with the shoe love, babes! Y’all make me so happy!! And also again, I have fully reviewed these on the “Shoe Reviews” tab for sizing and wear info!!

Hello, inexpensive Gucci Belt Dupe || $18.99 || Such an incredibly popular item this year! No dupe will match the quality of the real deal, but at $350, who can afford that!? So, I’m loving this dupe for the price!!

Burnt Orange Peplum Top for the win! || $9 || This top may be the best $9 I’ve ever spent! I get compliments EVERY TIME I wear it!! For just NINE DOLLARS, y’all!

Black Flutter Dress || $29 || So flattering, so inexpensive, the company doesn’t charge tax or shipping, and its just so dang cute!!

Be Our Guest” Sign || $38 || Everyone’s guest bathroom needs this… For yourself, as a gift, this sign is perfect!! I’ll also go ahead and link my towel rack for you too!

Dolman Sleeved, Super Soft, Midi Length Dress || $39.99 || So flattering, so so so soft, and an additional 40% off most of the time!!

Pine Needle Decor || $2.99 || I used these for my Christmas decor originally, but now I still have them out as just “Winter” decor. They are on super sale now (I paid $9.99 each) so, if there are any left in your area, buy those babies online and go pick them up ASAP!!!

As always, thank you all so much for shopping via my links!  You're making all of my blogger dreams come true!!

XOXO - Rachel