Life Update - Failures and New Beginnings

Hey Babes!

This post has been 2 months in the making, and so hard to write...  I even had it scheduled to go live last Saturday, accidentally sent the email out, and then had to retract it, OMG (being human is hard too apparently, LOL)!  I would definitely like to apologize again for blowing-up everyone's email last weekend, I just wasn't ready to publish.  Failing at something I wanted to be good at hurts SO BAD!!  But I'm hoping that being transparent with all of you now, will be sort of therapeutic!!  I mean, I rely on your support so much anyway, so why not accept your support in this too!?  So, without stalling any longer: I've been doing some major thinking, and praying, and deciding on which direction to take next in my entrepreneurial adventures.  And even though I'm still nervous to press "publish" as I'm reading through this post for the final time, I am definitely ready to share!

Most of you know that 4.5 years ago, I opened my own boutique, Demure!  I was so proud of the small business I had built, mostly on my own, from the ground up!  It has been a large part of mine and Blake's life for most of our married years (the 26th was 5 years!!) - a ton of learning, visiting apparel markets, constantly shipping, photography, goal setting, future planning, etc.  But after all of this time, as number contentious entrepreneurs, we've decided that the ROI of this particular venture isn't high enough to continue pursuing it, at this time.  So, without beating around the bush, or throwing a huge pity party (like my first draft of this post), I wanted to share with you all that I'm closing down the Demure chapter in my life.  

But don't be sad just yet... Because as a true millennial entrepreneur, I'm not closing down this stream of revenue without opening up another!!  My collaboration with Kellie House, my local BeautyCounter consultant, opened a new door for me, at JUST the right time!  You know how they say that God works all things for our good?  Well, you better believe that's true, baby!  Just as I was starting to have very negative feelings about my *failure* in my boutique-owning business, God sent me Kellie.  She simply wanted to collaborate with me as a blogger, but for me, it was SO MUCH MORE!  

I agreed to receiving free products in exchange for testing them out and writing a review (you can read that HERE)...  But, little did I know that in 2 short weeks of using the products and researching the company, I was going to end up falling head-over-heels in love with BeautyCounter!!  Yes, I am still a hurt by my own decision to let go of my boutique, but when God closes a door, He opens a window, and the BeautyCounter window was too inviting not to take a leap of faith out of!  You're only a failure if you give up, so I'm not giving up!  I'm simply changing direction!!

So, I am now a BeautyCounter consultant!!!!

Can I get all the praise hands for the "new beginning" in my life!!?  I now have my own little BeautyCounter website from which you can purchase the products that you love.  And honestly, that's the set-up that I'm the most comfortable with!  I purchase the products that I love and simply tell you about them, then you can chose to purchase what interests you and I just receive a commission.  It's the way blogging works with outfits, so I like that that's how My BeautyCounter will work too!!  

So, with the bad news out of the way, and the good news ready to be celebrated, now all I need is a little help from YOU!  I could really use your help finding all of my remaining Demure merchandise a new loving home!  I've marked everything WAY down, and you can get another 10% off using code: THANKYOU10 at checkout!  Please buy it all  :)  And also, I have created a new "My BeautyCounter" section of my blog where I have my BC website linked, my favorite products listed, and a section where you can sign up to receive BC specific emails to your inbox (separate from my blog emails). 

Plus, I'm GIVING AWAY a Charcoal Cleansing Bar to one lucky new subscriber to that page!!  All you have to do is subscribe to my BeautyCounter newsletter and your email address will be automatically entered into the drawing!!  The winner will be announced on 8/31 directly, via the email they provided!!!  You can enter HERE & Good Luck!

XOXO - Rachel