LipSense Experience

Happy Saturday Friends!!

I don't know if you're following me on Instagram or not, but if you are, you've fallen witness to my new OBSESSION with LipSense!!  A very sweet LipSense distributor, Marcie, reached out to me a month or so ago and asked if I'd like to try out there products...  I was a little skeptical at first.   I'm not accustomed to buying beauty products outside of department stores (Belk, Dillards, Sephora, Ulta, etc.)  And although I had heard of LipSense before, I really knew nothing about it...  But I am so please to say that I am now a true LipSense believer!!  


From right to left, these products are: 1) LipSense remover, 2) Red-Blu, 3) Pink Champagne, 4) Gold Champagne, and 5) Glossy-Gloss (the finishing touch)!

The first one I tried was Blu-Red - the most perfect "Red-Lip" lip color for those of us with super fair skin ;)  I wore it out to lunch one Sunday afternoon, and that's when my love affair with LipSense began!!  I documented my experience through the day:

The first pic was taken on the way to lunch, just minutes after I had applied LipSense for the first time!  That vibrant red color is so freaking pretty (these are all iPhone pictures with no filters)!!!  The second picture was taken just after my first bite of lunch!!  You can see from this pic of my Groucho's sandwich that the lip color is permanent!!  Not a single bit transferred from my lips to my sandwich!!  This non-transfering feature is one that Blake loves VERY MUCH ;)  And then the third picture was taken about 4 hours later and my lipstick was still PERFECT!!  It lasted much later into the night, but the rest of my makeup did't look so hot anymore so the pictures stopped there LOL!

I learned so much about LipSense that day:

1) There's a special way it needs to be applied (swipe it on in one direction, no back-and-forth).

2) Cosmetic grade alcohol is the color carrying agent, making it anti-bacterial!!

3) Once the alcohol evaporates, the color hardens onto your lips, making it permanent!

4) Meaning no fading, or smearing!!  When I put it on now, I'm confident that the next time I look in a mirror (whether 1 or 6 hours later), my lipstick will look just as perfect as it did when I left home that morning!

5) There is a gloss that goes on top to add a glossiness to the color!

6) But not only does it provide the glossy look, it is actually a legit moisturizer... My new LipSense consultant told me to start using it a couple days before trying the colors to hydrate my lips... Its AMAZING!!  My lips finally stopped feeling so chapped (because apparently waxy chapsticks don't really work)!  I use it everyday now, whether I'm applying the colors or not!!

7) Because its permanent, there is a special formula LipSense remover to take it off.

8) And last, but not least, I learned how fantastic LipSense is and that I don't think I'll ever buy any other lipstick again!  You can't beat the quality of this product!!  It is TRULY UNIQUE!!

The second color I tried was the Pink Champagne!  This is the most natural looking of the 3 I chose!  Its so perfect for everyday wear because its almost a lip neutral, with a hint of champagne ;)  It goes with almost any outfit for any occasion!!  You can see the variety of outfits I wore it with for my photoshoot last weekend (P.S. 2 of these pictures are spoilers for upcoming blog posts.... So, shhhh).

The last color I tried was the Gold Champagne!  It is such a great color for Fall!  It is a perfectly neutral color for those that don't like to wear much color on their lips because they feel like they can never find the right color to go with their skin tone (but I'm not speaking from experience or anything...)  I'm totally guilty of that!!  I have at least 6 lipsticks in my makeup bag that have only been wore once, because once I got home from the store and wore it out for the first time, I realized that it just wasn't for me...  So, I've actually stopped buying lipstick (haven't bought one in a year and a half) and why I asked Marcie to send me 3 LipSense colors to try out because I was afraid none of them would work for me...  

Imagine my surprise when I actually LOVED ALL THREE!!!  

The Gold Champagne also has some coral undertones that would be great to carry you back around into Spring!!  However, its not currently being made right now, so Marcie suggested that Dawn Rising would be a great substitute :)


Overall, I think that the Pink Champagne is my favorite of the 3 colors!  Honestly, its the most perfect for EVERYDAY wear...  Buying that one would give you the most bang for your buck!!  To purchase, you would have to speak with Marcie directly because she doesn't have a website, but has given me a link to her Facebook Group where she does most of her consulting and distributing!  You can get there by clicking HERE

Marcie started selling LipSense because she loved how it made her feel like she was a little more put together!  She says that just adding LipSense and mascara to her daily routine just makes she FEEL so much better!!  And even though I wear a face full of makeup EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, even I can attest to the fact that LipSense makes you feel more put together because my makeup routine hasn't included lipstick on a regular basis before now!

You won't find quality lip color like LipSense anywhere else, and you won't find a consultant as eager to help you love LipSense as much as Marcie will anywhere else either!  Check her out - you won't be disappointed!!


- Rachel

These products were given to me by Marcie with Love Your Lips With Marcie, but all experiences, thoughts, and opinions are my own!