September's Favorites

Hey Babes!

September has come and gone… And quite frankly, I’m glad! I’m so ready for cooler weather, and October is the transition month for the South… It’ll be mostly hot days still, but it will be sprinkled in with a lot of cool mornings and evenings, and maybe 3 or 4 cooler days! But, until that becomes a reality, lets look back at a few of September’s favorites so we can buy our last pieces of Summer :)

To reiterate, and be completely transparent, I want you to know that I am a member of the affiliate program, RewardStyle. This company provides a way for digital influencers, like myself, to link the products we love, and then be able to track those links to purchases made! MOST of the links on my blog are affiliated with RewardStyle. For each purchase made through my links, I do receive a small percentage of the total cost. It costs you NOTHING more to use my links, but the commissions I make help me keep my site up and running, and are allowing me to keep pursuing my dreams!! And just so you know, this is true for most fashion bloggers online.

I can't see what you purchase outside of the product link you clicked, nor can I see who made the purchase.  But the statistics do allow me to see how many (of specific products) were purchased through my website. I love that I can use this service to better serve you and your fashion needs. If something is selling a lot, that tells me that that must be an avenue I need to continue to pursue.

I am also BEYOND grateful for any purchase made through my links!!! Running a blog is hard work, and costly at times, and I couldn't do this without you. Thank you for trusting me to bring you the latest fashion and styling tips.

Y’all’s Favorites from September:

White Tassel Earrings || $18 || There aren’t enough good things I could say about these earrings! They are the ones I reach for 3 to 4 days a week, because they literally go with everything! They make a crisp statement, and are beautifully made by hand!!

Camel Sling-Back Block Heels || $33 || These beauties have been on the Favorites list for 4 months now (not in a row, but they keep coming back into the favorites list again and again)!  You can find my full review of them on my "Shoe Reviews" tab!

White Sandals || $19 || These fit true to size!  I'm so glad y'all jumped on board with these so quickly, I freaking LOVE them!!  You can find my full review of them on my "Shoe Reviews" tab!

Chambray Shirt || $39.50 || This one fits true to size (I'm wearing the small). It’s the perfect all-year-long addition to your wardrobe!!

Camel Booties || $38 || These beauties have been on the Favorites list for 2 months in a row!! They fit true to size!  And I'm so glad y'all love shoes as much as I do!!  You can find my full review of them on my "Shoe Reviews" tab!

As always, thank you all so much for shopping via my links!  You're making all of my blogger dreams come true!!

XOXO - Rachel