Sharing My Earring Obsession

Hey Babes,

My name is Rachel, and I am totally obsessed with earrings! I blame it on the fact that I didn’t have my ears pierced until 13, so once they healed and I could finally change my earrings out myself, I wanted nothing more than to have to the MOST FUN earrings possible! I wanted a different pair of earrings for every outfit… I had SO MANY pair! My mom and I actually made jewelry for a couple of years too, so at one point, I had over 100 pair of earrings… I did a major accessory clean-out when Blake and I moved into our first house, and I pretty much only worn pearl studs for about 3 years (a jewelry restriction at both of my laboratory jobs). However, over the past year and a half, my love for earrings has been re-kindled!! I now have a job where I can wear whatever earrings I want, and I’ve had SO MANY great jewelry collaborations recently, that I just can’t contain my excitement for them anymore!!

On social media, I mostly post full-body pictures, and I noticed recently that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to see the gorgeous details of my most favorite earrings… I wanted to do a post where you could see them all close-up and personal. So, here they are, with close-up pictures and one sentence each about why I love them (so the post doesn’t get too long, LOL)!

These are my go-to gold dangle earrings. They go with everything, without being too simple - they have just enough personality to beat your regular old gold hoops! Use code: ademure20 for 20% off!

These Rainbow Tassels are just so dang cute! I think they speak for themselves!! And, I have a coupon code for these too: DEMURE for 20% off!

Sometimes, you just really need a pair of dressy black earrings! These are my go-to for that!! Use code: ademure20 for 20% off.

Feather Earrings for the win! They are handmade, and so so cute! I haven’t seen anything else like these, and I’m so in love! They’re my bo-ho go-tos. Use code: DEMURE at checkout for 20% off!

The perfect pair of tortoise shell hoops!! Even if you don’t get these, you should def have at least one pair… But please note, these are some of the least expensive ones I’ve found, PLUS I have a coupon code: ademure20 for 20% off!

These are great neutral, statement earrings! They’re my go-tos for when I’m wearing gray! I also love that the stud is a little more dressy than my other tassels! These are handmade, and no longer available in SE Kennedy’s Etsy shop, but you can still ask for them by clicking on “Request Custom Order” and Sarah will make them for you!

These white/cream stacked circles are my go-tos when I need a neutral earring. Like, anytime I wear white jeans, LOL! They are from a boutique local to me… But if you call, they will ship them! Click HERE for their contact info.

The most fabulous Navy Tassel Earrings. They are my only navy (or even blue, at all) pair. I love the 4 tiers!! I have a coupon code for this pair too! DEMURE will get you 20% off at checkout!

These Baroque Style Earrings are definitely a statement! I love to wear them with olive!! Please note that they are a little heavy… But if your ears can handle it, they always get tons of compliments!! Get 20% off with code: ademure20 at checkout!

These are another handmade pair… The cream is great so that they match everything, but my favorite part about these is the gold polymer clay!! My friend Shelby literally forms them, bakes them, paints them, and drills holes in them herself!! Use code: DEMURE or 20% off!

This Aztec pair are definitely some of my top favorites! The Aztec vibes with the beaded tassels (instead of string tassels) are really great! They are super light weight and they always get compliments! Again, these are from a boutique local to me… But if you call, they will ship them! Click HERE for their contact info.

I’m sure you can easily see that I love neutral colored earrings, LOL! So, I have to show you these…. They are my favorite pop-of-color earrings!! The mustard color is perfect for all year long: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall!! They are handmade, and I have a coupon code for 20% off: DEMURE

Ok babes, those are my top 10 favorites right now! They are all so fun to wear, and can easily be worn so many ways, with so many different outfits!! I feel like there’s 2 pair up there that could even be worn EVERYDAY!! I hope you love them all as much as I do!

XOXO - Rachel