Party Favorites

Hey Babes!

Happy Saturday!!  We're now one week out from my birthday party, and I was thinking this morning that I should show y'all a few of my favorite things from that night in case y'all had a birthday party, a shower, or really any event that you were planning or hosting!!  There are just a few items (short & sweet) that are definitely worth mentioning (A.K.A. I would totally buy them again!):

This drink dispenser was actually my favorite party find!  This is one of the few items I bought specifically for this party!!  Blake and I have only hosted one large gathering before this one, so we didn't have anything like this.  But, I did need something to hold drinks for 15 people, and it was love at first site when I found this one at Walmart for under $15!!!!  So happy I stumbled upon this one the morning I actually went to Walmart to buy Plaster of Paris to make chalk paint LOL!  We served Blackberry Sangria out of this one and it did the job perfectly!  You could see all of the fruit floating in it since the sides are clear!  Plus, the rope & galvanized metal accents compliment my decor perfectly!!

For our Blackberry Sangria, we mixed 3 bottles of Roscatto, 2 cups of Blackberry Brandy, 6 cups of Cranberry Juice, Blackberry Syrup made from 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup or sugar, and 12 oz of fresh blackberries - reduced, and 1 cup of orange juice!  We added apple, orange, and mango slices to float!!!  Make it the night before and refrigerate it until the festivities begin!! :)


I love this table cloth that I bought on Amazon!  It's for an 8' table, but when I put it on my 6' table, it reaches almost to the floor and is so elegant!  I use it for holidays, events like this, pop-up-shops for my boutique...  The material is thick and durable!!  Plus, it has held up so wonderfully in the wash!!  I recommend this brand to anyone who needs a table cloth!  Seriously, its only $11 y'all!!


BloomsyBox provided some flowers for my little shindig!!  They were a very sweet birthday surprise that brightened up the whole room!!  I pretty much only have neutrals in my house (grays, white, black, wood, metal), so to have this gorgeous pop-of-rose-beauty in our party space made the whole atmosphere better!  Does anyone else just melt at the site of some fresh flowers in your home!?  I don't know about you, but for me, there is nothing more welcoming than coming home to my fur baby wagging his tail like crazy & the sight of fresh blooms on my table!!

BloomsyBox is technically a flower subscription service.  You get to choose the frequency at which flowers arrive at your own, or someone else's, doorstep (Mother's Day is coming up... hint, hint).  You can even choose what kind of flowers are delivered!!  I believe these were April's rose selection!  This service is a wonderful treat for anyone who receives it!  If its for a holiday, a random surprise, or just to brighten up your own home, there is no feeling like receiving beautiful, fresh blooms!  I can speak from experience, because I almost cried at receiving these, and they weren't even from anyone I'm close to, they were just straight from the company...  Just imagine how a loved one would feel receiving these from YOU!!!


Another one of my party favorites were these Copper Cure Moscow Mule Mugs!!  We've always wanted some copper mugs, and were so excited when Copper Cure wanted to send me some to review!!  The copper gets SO COLD along with its contents, keeping the ice from melting too quickly and watering down your drink!  We've used them a few times, and we still love them!!  They are hand wash only, unfortunately, but that's no different from any of my other cutesy kitchen stuff (I'm rolling my eyes at myself right now because I just purchased decorative, "cutesy," gold measuring cups & spoons... You can also find those HERE).  The mugs have held up really well to the alcohol, acidity of a moscow mule, and the washing; though, I have to say that the straws aren't holding up quite as well...  But, the straws aren't necessary for drinking your drink, and aren't what you're actually paying for, so there is no love lost there in my opinion!  I'm so happy to have these beauties adorning our bar & containing one of my favorite drinks!!

Our Moscow Mule Recipe is: 2 oz of Vodka, 3/4 oz of lime juice, and 4 oz of ginger beer (that's just one serving).  We got it from a book called "The Bar Book" that I got Blake for Christmas!  It has everything in it!  Not to mention the fact that its cute too (as far as setting it out for decoration as well LOL)!  

So, now that you think we're alcoholics LOL, please keep in mind that this party was "cocktail party" themed!!  There were even more drinks than that ;)  But, the real star of the evening was the CUPCAKES!!!  

They were made by a local baker, Mrs. Delightful's Bakery!  She is based out of North Augusta, SC.  If you are anywhere close to here, she is worth the drive!!  I got her Brownie & Snickerdoodle cupcakes, and she custom made these Cookies & Cream ones for me!!  Honestly, "they were AMAZING," just doesn't even give them justice!  Just look at that picture... They speak for themselves!!!  The Cookies & Cream were my favorite, and the Brownie were Blake's favorite!!  I can't wait for my next excuse to order from her again!!

Well, this post ended up way longer than I expected LOL!  The "blogging" part of being a fashion blogger is hard for me because I say I'm not a writer, but boy am I a TALKER....  I could seriously just keep going, and going, and going!!  But, I'm signing off for now LOL...

Love y'all!

XOXO - Rachel

The flowers & Moscow Mule mugs were sent to me complimentary, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links from which I could receive a commission off of any sale procured after clicking.


Flowers delivered right to your front door... Imagine that!

There may not be anything better to come home to than fresh flowers!!  And these surprise flowers aren't the result of the aftermath of a huge fight with your spouse either! **giggle**  They are just beautiful flowers, delivered right to your door, because its awesome!!  And all you have to do is unpackaged them, put them in a vase, place them in the desired room, and admire them CONSTANTLY!!

Even Cinna was excited to see what gorgeous beauties would emerge from that bright red box!!

I was surprised with a box full of gorgeous, multi-colored hydrangeas!!  And I'm not talking just a few, there were 10 giant blossoms that filled my vase perfectly!!  They came promptly, and in good condition (a few of the pedals did look like that had been traveling for a few days, but they were super easy to pop off, and the bouquet went right back to looking like gorgeous, Spring perfection)!  The flowers were packaged with care in plastic wrap, tied with a ribbon, and wrapped in brown crape paper before being boxed up... And the "Hand Tied" sticker was a super cute touch!!!  **I wish I had the Heart Eyes emoji on my computer keyboard right about now**

Once I got these beauties unpackaged, I couldn't wait to get them in a vase!!  The bright colors were such a beautiful sight to see against my stark-white walls :)  Just look at those colors!!!!

So, then, the next day... Blake and I just had to take pictures with them!!  Scroll to see more :)

So, here's how it works if you'd like to try this #bloominghappy subscription for yourself... They have a weekly ($43.99), or bi-weekly ($41) flower subscription, where they choose the flowers for you!!  Based on the season's offerings, they will send you gorgeous flowers with a satisfaction, money-back guarantee!!  You can check out this subscription HERE.  In my opinion, this is the best subscription for those of you that like variety!!  But they do also have a rose-only subscription for all you rose lovers out there... This one is offered on a monthly bases only, and is either $42 for 25 roses or $39 for 18-20 roses monthly!!  They come in over 130 different colors!!  Roses are so amazing to me **Insert the Heart Eyes emoji again**  You can check this subscription out HERE.  And then, maybe my absolute favorite option, actually isn't a subscription at all...  For those of you who are control freaks (like myself) they have a great section HERE where you can pick the flowers you want for yourself, as if you were standing in a floral shop in person!!  Once you purchase, they are delivered to you straight from the flower farm within 2 to 4 days!!  If you order today, that's just enough time to get them to your mom for Mother's Day!!!  **HINT, HINT** 

I really loved receiving, enjoying, and reviewing these gorgeous flowers and cool business concept!!  I've given you all the information I have, and now its just time to try it out for yourself!!  I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week, and you'll hear from me again on Saturday!!

Love you all,


These flowers were given to me free of charge from BloosyBox, and this post was sponsored by them, but all experiences and opinions are my own!!