Gift Guide for Him

Happy holiday season ladies,

As I finally finished up my Christmas shopping, I found myself wondering if the items I had hand-picked for everyone were, in fact, the right gifts for them...  People very easily turn this season of GIVING into a super greedy season, and I don't like it!  I like the giving part, the choosing of the most perfect gifts for everyone!  It brings me such joy to watch my loved ones receive, and love, the items I chose specifically for them! 

Last year, Blake and I had a $20 budget for each other...  And it was so great now that I'm looking back on it.  The effort we each had to put in to come up with the right gifts for each other was so sweet!  But it was so great to be able to buy him "real gifts" this year!  He had items on his wishlist, but I picked out a few things for him myself as well!  And because I can't keep surprises and he already knows everything he's getting, I am able to share them all with you just in case you need some gift ideas for some of the men in your lives!

Jord Watches.jpg

OMG y'all, this watch!!  If you've been following along with my blog since at least April, you've gotten to see the JORD watch that I'm absolutely in love with!  Blake was a little jealous of its real wood band and large, simplistic face.  So, I got him one too!  They don't match [unfortunately ;)], but I'm so glad he has one now too!  And as you can tell, I couldn't even wait until Christmas to give it to him...  Find this exact JORD watch <----- 

Fall Watches.jpg

JORD has even given me a 25% off instant coupon code for any of my readers that might want to give one as a gift this Christmas!  Or for themselves...


Now, I'm sure most of y'all know about mine and Blake's sick obsession with fixing up older homes!  But crazily enough, even though we are on our 3rd house in 4 years, Blake and I [well, mainly Blake] doesn't have any tools.  We've had to rely on the generosity of other people allowing us to borrow tools for far too long, LOL!  Blake asked for tools this year, and that's one wish I had to fulfill!

Home Depot Tool Kit.PNG

I decided on this tool kit from Home Depot.  Blake already has a Ryobi weed-eater that he got 3 years ago.  It has never given us a bit of trouble, so I went with the same brand!!  This particular set was on super sale for Black Friday... But, even better, its STILL ON SALE!!  Home Depot is still currently doing the same sale from Black Friday!!  On top of the fact that these tool "kits" are great deals anyway!  So, if there's a guy in your life that could use some tools, check this, or one of the other tool kits, out!  No guy likes to ask to use other people's tools, trust me LOL!!

Men's Hunter Boots.PNG

Third, Blake's new job has him walking 15 minutes from his parking spot into the actual building... Which is insane to me!!  But also requires some foot protection on rainy, or God-willing, *SNOWY* days.  And unlike for women, its not really fashionable for men to wear shiny, knee-high boots with their jeans/leggings tucked in... LOL, so I found these matte, ankle-high Hunter boots for a more appropriate option!  Most guys would probably never ask for rain boots, but they would be so useful for any man that has to weather the elements!  And I'm sure, very appreciated after the first time they're used as well!!


As a nurse, Blake CONSTANTLY washes his hands, making them super dry and chapped!!  And this time of year, the weather makes it all-the-more-worse!  O'Keeffe's working hands is the best lotion we have ever come across!!  It isn't oily or slimy, it soaks completely into his skin so that it doesn't leave a residue on his hands.  It is completely scent-free, and it lasts for hours!  When he makes up in the morning after putting it on the night before, his hands still feel moisturized and healthy, without them feeling typically lotiony and gross.  And truthfully, I love it for myself just as much!  Its the perfect stocking stuffer for any man that does a lot of work with his hands!!

Beard Oil.PNG

And how about some beard oil!?  The new beard trend has gotten all the men excited over such a small grooming product LOL!  Blake has yet to try any because it seems like a frivolous expense to him, but I'd like to give him some this year!  This one is 100% all natural and is relatively inexpensive!  Its also another perfect little stocking stuffer splurge for yo man!!

Men's Slippers.PNG

And Slippers!!  Who doesn't love to have some cozy clouds to walk around in while they're at home at night and on the weekends!?  These babies are cute, trendy, comfy, come in 2 different colors, and are under $22!!  Every man could use some slippers: your dad, brother, grandfather, brother-in-law, cousin, uncle, and hubby!!  These were my favorite find of all because they are dups of $50 men's slippers from J Crew... And you know how much I ADORE J Crew :)  These babies are a steal - GET SOME!!

Leather Jacket and Scarf.jpg

Or how about a leather jacket?  Or a fashionable accessory!?  Every guy should have an edgy leather jacket!!  I think ASOS has some really great options!  They are a European company, but they ship quickly enough to get it to you by Christmas!!  You know your man's style better than I do, so I didn't know which one to pick for y'all, but clicking HERE will at least get you to the right page! From there you can chose a Moto style, collared or un-collared, lots a zippers of fewer zippers, real leather or faux leather.  But any way you go, a leather jacket is a thoughtful option!!  And I still have a few Men's scarves for sale over at Demure :)  There is 1 left of this red & black plaid, and I have 2 grey left - each for only $7!!!

And last, but not least...

Yeti Lowball.PNG

I don't think there's a man out there that wouldn't appreciate a YETI lowball glass for his bourbon or mixed drink (or even for his water LOL!  Its an easy $20, and even if they already have one, its a gift that would be great to have 2 or more of!!  So this gift would work well for those men you don't know too super well.  Its just a gift that really works in 2017!!  When in doubt, buy him a Yeti!!!

I hope any of this helps you this Christmas season!!  Happy Shopping Babes!!

And look for my "Gift Guide for Her" coming to you Saturday night!!


- Rachel