Polka Dots

Patterns + Pop-of-Color

Hey Ladies,

I got some really good feedback from a few of you about my last blog post: "The Pop-of-Color Shoe," so I decided to do a follow up post to complement it!  I'd like to take my previous advice a step farther and talk about mixing a pop-of-color shoe with your favorite pattern!!  For example:

My 2 favorite patterns are polka dots and stripes!!  I know there are a lot of other favorites out there including paisley, gingham, plaid, and floral... But for our purposes here I want to keep it simple (demure, if you will)!  

I think the hardest part about putting a pop-of-color shoe with a pattern that already has color itself, is knowing what color to pop with...  Last week I talked about using a pop-of-color to jazz up your neutrals, but this week I want to give advice on adding a contracting, but complementary, color to a patterned outfit!!

Take this dress for instance, it is white with navy blue polka dots.  Slipping on a nice pair of navy pumps would have been simple and classy... and a little boring!  So I chose to use a complimentary color (one that is still in the cool color family), but also one that is in contrast to the color that was highlighted in the pattern (turquoise, instead of navy)!!  

So, friends, what if you have a red and white striped dress... what color shoes would you wear!?  

I'm thinking yellow would be a great contrasting/complimentary color!!

Or what about a pastel blue seersucker dress!?  

Well, I actually think ANY other pastel color would be a nice fit!!  Blush, lavender, or even pale yellow!!  

The overall, take home point for you to remember while you're out shopping next time is "Contrasting, but Complimentary."  That way you won't get too overwhelmed!!  Because, trust me, as a type-A left-brained person, it was even hard for me to be able to accomplish this at first!!  It took practice, and a lot of observing for me to be able to pull it off myself!!  But I came to realize that "Contasting, but Complimentary" would steer me in the right direction at least 95% of the time!!

My Dress (similar - $22.50) & Shoes (similar - $69.95) or These for $19.99

I put together a few more examples for you (each dress to be partnered with the shoes beneath it):