A Demure Kitchen

For those of you that follow along with my Blog and/or Instagram Stories, you know that Blake and I have been renovating our new house for about 4 months now...  And as each project ends, a new one begins...  Then, so on and so forth until they're all done!  We're on the bathrooms now, but the kitchen is done, and I'm ready to REVEAL IT!!

The kitchen has had a drastic transformation:  Vinyl floors to ceramic tile...  Tan EVERYTHING to white...  Green vinyl counter tops to butcher block...  Black hardware to gold hardware... Brand new sink, backsplash, island, and dishwasher (my favorite parts!)...  And lastly, modernized light fixtures and appliances!!  It took about a month to complete because Blake and I wanted to do as much as we could ourselves, and then we ended up having to go with a second contractor after the first one let us down.  But its been done for awhile, and its my favorite of the 3 kitchens we've had thus far!!  Its so much fun cooking in a kitchen that I got to redesign completely!!! 

So, finally, I have the before-and-afters ready to reveal!!  Take a look:

These 3 areas are the key areas of the kitchen.  All are pretty self explanatory, except for the 3rd area, its harder to tell what happened there...  So I'll explain: the cabinets were removed from the wall because modern refrigerators wouldn't fit in the fridge space anyway (plus they all made the kitchen seem so small), the lowers were moved forward and tweaked a bit to become the island, and we added the pantry cabinet!  There is a small gap where Cinna's dog bowls sit, and then the refrigerator is just left of that!

The smaller details of the kitchen were so fun to put together too!

I'll link as much as I can just in case you see something you like!!  And I can't wait to show you more of the house!!!