Shoes, Shoes, SHOES!!

It's no secret that I buy A LOT of clothes!  But really, shoes and other accessories just slip my mind most of the time...  Before this most recent shoe haul, I hadn't purchased new shoes in almost a year!!!  So... I decided that I would up my shoe game in 2018!!  Is it a New Year's resolution?  Not really... Just a great new style goal!! Because I seriously feel like a great shoe could truly MAKE an outfit!!  And likewise, if you don't have the right shoe for a certain look, then you might not be able to pull it off at all...  And I certainly don't want you to be in that situation, because, if you're anything like me, your outfit totally sets your mood for the day!  And I definitely want to feel FABULOUS!!! Don't you!?

Now that I've had a couples weeks to wear all my new shoe finds, I really wanted to review them for you!!!  I've listed them from least to most expensive... But nothing over $90!!  

Black Mules

These super classy black mules are the least expensive of the new shoes I've gotten.  The black makes them highly versatile and super classy.  They were a great first pair of mules for me because they stay on a lot easier than, I came to find out, most other slides do...  They also come up a lot higher on the foot, so I love that they hide my super pale feet LOL!!!!  They are only $22.99 and are a must have in my opinion!!  In fact, they are the most shopped item that I have on my blog!!  They fit true to size AND also come in a light pink/blush color!

Nude Mules

These mules are also perfect for the new slip-on trend!  If you've never owned mules before, you definitely need to have a pair this year because they are wildly popular right now!!  The nude color allows them to go with ANYTHING, so they are highly versatile and very much worth their $39.99 price tag!!  I think these are the best buy of the 3 mules I have reviewed here!!  The leather is a little rigid at first, so I got a blister on my pinky toes the first time I wore them, but I waited a week before wearing them again and then they were fine!!  They fit true to size.  


These beauties are only $49.99 and are my favorite of my new shoe purchases because a *super bright* pop-of-color is so much fun!!  Its also absolutely on trend!!  I love to wear them with almost any neutral outfit to add a little wow-factor to the look!  They don't come in half sizes for the 6, 7, and 8 range (but do for smaller and larger sizes), so I went up to the 8 and they are perfectly fine for me.  The suede is so soft that I didn't have any "break-in" period!!

Blush Bow Mules

These are a little more expensive, with a price tag of $69.95, but Nordstrom does free shipping so there's no added cost!!  The quality is amazing, the leather is so soft, and they are just so cute and feminine!  They aren't really a "must have," but if you like to have super cutesy shoes in your closet to add a little something to your everyday looks, these will fill that roll perfectly!!  They fit true to size.

Blush Sneaker

I've been calling these my "gangster pink shoes" to Blake since I ordered them on Friday!  LOL, I think its the high tongue that brings that name to mind... I don't have them yet, but they are due to arrive today!!!  I'm so excited to have them here for my new workout schedule (A.K.A. I just joined a gym again after a year and a half long hiatus).  Cute workout gear is SO MOTIVATING!!!  I will update this review once I've worn them a couple time... So just come back here in a few days if you're really interested in them!!  They are $69.95 and I ordered my regular size :) **Update 2/24/18** I've worn these babies twice now!  The first time was out to a casual dinner and the second was to the gym!  And I have no complaints!!  They are so comfy - they feel like they are hugging my feet without being too tight, LOL!  I wore them with socks & they fit great!  There was no break-in period!!  I love them because they worked exceptionally well for athleticism, but also for looking cute at the same time!  Two thumbs up for these tennis shoes!

Navy/ Rose Gold

Ivory/ Gold

And last, but not least... The best tennis shoes I've ever owned: These are the exact same shoe, just in different color options!  I've purchased them both and they also come in a gray combo.  These are a little older than my most recent shoe finding frenzy, but they are still available, so I wanted you to know about them!!  They fit true to size and I am still able to always wear socks with them!  They are my favorite workout companions & I have really enjoyed owning them!!  They are a little more pricey, but quality tennis shoes always are... In fact, they may be my most expensive shoes LOL!  They are $85 each, but I'll have them forever... I mean, seriously, my feet haven't changed size in a decade LOL!  Just watch for a good sale, and snatch them up!!!

That concludes my "New Shoe Review"... I will add to this post each time I find some more great foot accessories!!  And if you'd like the updated list sent straight to your inbox, make sure you subscribe to my email list HERE.  Happy Shoe Shopping!!  P.S. Each image is clickable to purchase its shoe, or you can scroll down to find all of these (and a few other pair that I own) at the bottom of this post!


- Rachel

Patterns + Pop-of-Color

Hey Ladies,

I got some really good feedback from a few of you about my last blog post: "The Pop-of-Color Shoe," so I decided to do a follow up post to complement it!  I'd like to take my previous advice a step farther and talk about mixing a pop-of-color shoe with your favorite pattern!!  For example:

My 2 favorite patterns are polka dots and stripes!!  I know there are a lot of other favorites out there including paisley, gingham, plaid, and floral... But for our purposes here I want to keep it simple (demure, if you will)!  

I think the hardest part about putting a pop-of-color shoe with a pattern that already has color itself, is knowing what color to pop with...  Last week I talked about using a pop-of-color to jazz up your neutrals, but this week I want to give advice on adding a contracting, but complementary, color to a patterned outfit!!

Take this dress for instance, it is white with navy blue polka dots.  Slipping on a nice pair of navy pumps would have been simple and classy... and a little boring!  So I chose to use a complimentary color (one that is still in the cool color family), but also one that is in contrast to the color that was highlighted in the pattern (turquoise, instead of navy)!!  

So, friends, what if you have a red and white striped dress... what color shoes would you wear!?  

I'm thinking yellow would be a great contrasting/complimentary color!!

Or what about a pastel blue seersucker dress!?  

Well, I actually think ANY other pastel color would be a nice fit!!  Blush, lavender, or even pale yellow!!  

The overall, take home point for you to remember while you're out shopping next time is "Contrasting, but Complimentary."  That way you won't get too overwhelmed!!  Because, trust me, as a type-A left-brained person, it was even hard for me to be able to accomplish this at first!!  It took practice, and a lot of observing for me to be able to pull it off myself!!  But I came to realize that "Contasting, but Complimentary" would steer me in the right direction at least 95% of the time!!

My Dress (similar - $22.50) & Shoes (similar - $69.95) or These for $19.99

I put together a few more examples for you (each dress to be partnered with the shoes beneath it):