Schriver's Boutique

Hey Babes,

I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday week!!  There's not much better than celebrating our stars & stripes, eating good food, spending time with loved ones, and remembering to never take our freedom for granted!!!  Except maybe getting a new post from me (LOL, JK.... or am I?)!!!

Ok, ok, I may not be that funny... But I am fashionable!! And boy do I have somewhere fashionably amazing to tell you about!!  A wonderful Tennessee based boutique called:

Those of you that know me well know that #shopsmall #shoplocal is so very important to me!!  And even though this particular boutique may not be local to SC where I am, its still a small business that absolutely deserves your attention!!  Schriver's Boutique is based out of Maryville, TN, but carries everything online so it can be shopped from anywhere!  The owner, Kate, followed in her great grandfather's footsteps and opened a clothing store centered around quality and customer service!!  A small, family business that strives for those things above all else is my kind of business!!!  And Kate is just as kind as she could be!!

Her new Summer Collection just launched this past Friday, and among the truly unique, fabulous pieces are this super cute, very wearable top, these very versatile gold drop earrings, and that crazy-fun clutch!!  


Close-up you can see that this top has a very seersucker-ish pattern, which is so perfect for us Southern girls' wardrobes!!  But the top is, in fact, made of a very lightweight cotton fabric!!  Its also a little oversized and really flowy!!  Plus it has all of the best Summer trends for tops - bell sleeves, a peplum, and a faux lace-up on the back!!  All of this put together means that this top is truly the most perfect Summer top for all you fashionistas!!!!  You can grab it for yourself HERE for the amazing price of $35, and I would suggest sizing down :)

The gold earrings have an almost hammered, antique look to them!!  They are the perfect length without being too heavy!!  And if you're anything like me, you could never have too many gold, go-with-everything type earrings!!  Although I think these particular earrings have sold out, Schriver's Boutique is still a great place to go for any jewelry!!  Kate loves to support local artisans and therefore, carries a bunch of handmade TN jewelry that you literally can't get anywhere else :)

But seriously, for those of you that don't know me well, I make jewelry myself as well, so you can trust me when I tell you that Schriver's handmade pieces are so gorgeous:


AND. THIS. CLUTCH!!  Honestly, I think it speaks for itself... But you know I'm never short on words ;)  The fun colors make it so versatile because there are so many to choose from for styling!!  If you're like me and prefer match-matchy, then this fun print is perfect for you to be able to pair it with a variety of colors and styles!!  And if you're more bold than me, this clutch could be great for a pattern-mixing outfit!!  But, I just so happened to have the most perfect neon pink dress to compliment the cute tassel zipper, and wore them together for date night this week!!  The woven texture and yarn accents give this clutch a very handmade feel!  And for only $25, you just can't beat it!!  My exact one seems to have sold out, but there are 2 more this patterns just as fun HERE & HERE!!  

Schriver's is one of those places that will never let you down if you ever need a fun, unique, statement piece to add to your current wardrobe!!  I'm in love with Kate's taste for great patterns and even greater textures!!  Nothing in her store could be labeled as "boring"!!  Absolutely everything has wonderful personality and character :)  I'll link a few more of my favorites from her new Summer Collection below!  And don't forget to use code: demure15 to get 15% off of your entire purchase!!!

Y'all have a great night!!


- Rachel

These 3 items were given to me free of charge from Schriver's Boutique, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!!

Shopping #secondhandfirst with ThredUP

I have to admit, I don't usually shop for used clothes now that I'm done growing and I can still fit into the same clothes that I've had for years!!  However, when I was asked to check their company out, I did.  And what as the first thing I found!?


A J Crew skirt that I had wanted so badly 2 years back, but had sold out in my size before I could purchase it!  This beautiful skirt was given the second chance to find a loving home, and I was given the second chance to add it to my wardrobe!!  So, even though I don't typically shop #secondhandfirst, my experience with ThredUP was a fantastic one!!


I also got this classy little black dress!! 

Y'all may not know this, because I try my best to wear color on the blog, but my favorite color is actually black {how Gothic and depressing does that sound?}  I have no less than 6 LBDs in my closet, but the truth is that any dress-loving girl could never have too many!!  Plus, I found this gem for only $6.99!!  And just look at how flattering that silhouette is!?  Even with the cost of some cute black wedges, a dress for only $7 from ThredUP could fashionably dress you for under $40!!


And last, but not least, I found this top!! {though, I did buy it thinking it was a dress}  I wouldn't normally wear a top this long, because I am so tall for a girl (5'7"), and I feel like this length of top messes with my proportions even more {which is why you will RARELY see me in a tunic style top with leggings, just FYI}, but honestly, when I added the thin gold belt, it made it look OK again, especially since that also had a slimming effect LOL + I always add heels!!

But really, we aren't talking about the individual pieces themselves... I'm trying to tell you what ThredUP has to offer!!

Take Home Points:

1. ThredUP is even good for those of you that don't usually shop second hand!  Because, guess what!?  I found a skirt I had actually really wanted 2 years prior, in my size, and for only $11!! Plus, they have a bunch of goodies with the original tags still on, if you're patient enough to hunt for those!! {which I'm not}

2.  I got 3 items, plus tax and $5.99 shipping, for a whopping $28!!  And since the skirt and shirt could technically be worn together, I got 2 outfits for $28 **Holy Moly that's a steal**

3. How did I accomplish that you may ask!?  Well, they CONSTANTLY do 30 or 40% off!!  So my advice would be to NOT buying anything from them unless they have one of those promotions going on, because, like Loft, they will do it at least once a month! 

4.  They also have a "closet cleanout" program where they send you a prepaid bag, for free, that will hold a laundry basket full of clothes!  And they pay you for the clothes they want!!  Gently used, name-brand stuff {just like everyone else, but this is better because you don't have to wait in line like at Plato's Closet, for instance}!  I just shipped mine 2 days ago, and will update you through my Instagram story {@ademurelife} on how it works out!!!

Y'all have a fantastic rest of your week!!

XOXO - Rachel

These clothes were given to me free of charge by ThredUP, but all thoughts are my own!

Spring Style

Y'all are going to start to think that I like Loft more than I do J Crew lately...  While that may not necessarily be true, I AM very much loving Loft lately!!!  Their quality is good, and their prices are really good!!  

I've been wanting a dress with a pattern for a while and I've been searching high and low!!  Ok, not just ANY pattern... Not a stripe or polka dot because those are my safety zone... I wanted something more "fun" for my Style Collective meet-up in Charleston today!!  Something different than I had seen anywhere else... And I landed on this one:

Blake was a little skeptical at first, because the pattern is somewhat loud... But he grew to love it once he saw it on me (like he does most things... let's be honest) LOL!!  And once I snagged these AMAZING shoes from Target, the whole outfit came together and I couldn't wait to wear it to meet all my South Carolina Style Collective Sisters today!!  I promise, you will definitely be seeing pictures from that gathering!!  I really can't even explain how exciting it is to get to meet a whole bunch of blogger babes in person!!!  I know all of their faces from the social media world, but to get to hug their necks and hear their voices will be so cool!!!

Anyway LOL!!  You can find this gorgeous dress HERE ($69.50) and these equally amazing shoes HERE (for just $29.99!!!).  Now, about the shoes, though... I do need to say that if you aren't used to walking in heels, then these babies are not for you... they are much higher in person than I had expected when I ordered them online...  Though they are returnable in store if you want to give them a try and they end up not working out :)  They are almost 4 inches:

And look at that cute little flare hem  **Heart Eyes**  

I loved this cute Spring outfit enough to go and meet a bunch of fashionista strangers in it, so that must speak pretty highly of the combo!!  Y'all have a great rest of your weekend, and you'll hear from me on Wednesday!!  I'm gonna be sharing a little bit of awesomeness I've found shopping secondhand recently!!



You Need a Chambray Dress

Happy Saturday friends!!

I just wanted to do a quick post during my birthday weekend to share a little Summer styling tip!

I'm thinking that I'm actually going to do a full "Top 10 Must Haves for Summer" closer to June... But for now, you ladies can get a jump start on the list because I'm going to tell y'all the 1st one RIGHT NOW!!

Ladies, you NEED a Chambray Dress!!

If you don't already have one you are totally missing out on the most comfortable, most trendy, easiest to style wardrobe piece I can think of!!  I know I'm telling you things I love, that you should buy too, every single week!  But if you never take a single piece of my advice ever again, please hear this one (and maybe the other 9 of my top 10) because this is for sure an item that you need in your closet!!  

You don't even have to just take my word for it - ask any other fashionista you know!!  She will tell you the same thing!!  Chambray is a must have!!


My favorite one is a little more on the dressier side... It has a very dark wash and is quite structured compared to other more casual chambrays.  I've had it for 3 years and it is still in style!!  I think they are here to stay for a while and THAT is why you HAVE to own one!!

Of course, like always, I've done the shopping for you so you don't have to stress about finding the right look, for the right price, at the right quality!!  Here's what I've found:

please don't miss that incredibly on-trend Off The Shoulder Chambray Dress for only $23.09!!!!!

P.S. Tomorrow is the last day to enter my $100 gift card giveaway with JORD Watches!  You can enter HERE

Patterns + Pop-of-Color

Hey Ladies,

I got some really good feedback from a few of you about my last blog post: "The Pop-of-Color Shoe," so I decided to do a follow up post to complement it!  I'd like to take my previous advice a step farther and talk about mixing a pop-of-color shoe with your favorite pattern!!  For example:

My 2 favorite patterns are polka dots and stripes!!  I know there are a lot of other favorites out there including paisley, gingham, plaid, and floral... But for our purposes here I want to keep it simple (demure, if you will)!  

I think the hardest part about putting a pop-of-color shoe with a pattern that already has color itself, is knowing what color to pop with...  Last week I talked about using a pop-of-color to jazz up your neutrals, but this week I want to give advice on adding a contracting, but complementary, color to a patterned outfit!!

Take this dress for instance, it is white with navy blue polka dots.  Slipping on a nice pair of navy pumps would have been simple and classy... and a little boring!  So I chose to use a complimentary color (one that is still in the cool color family), but also one that is in contrast to the color that was highlighted in the pattern (turquoise, instead of navy)!!  

So, friends, what if you have a red and white striped dress... what color shoes would you wear!?  

I'm thinking yellow would be a great contrasting/complimentary color!!

Or what about a pastel blue seersucker dress!?  

Well, I actually think ANY other pastel color would be a nice fit!!  Blush, lavender, or even pale yellow!!  

The overall, take home point for you to remember while you're out shopping next time is "Contrasting, but Complimentary."  That way you won't get too overwhelmed!!  Because, trust me, as a type-A left-brained person, it was even hard for me to be able to accomplish this at first!!  It took practice, and a lot of observing for me to be able to pull it off myself!!  But I came to realize that "Contasting, but Complimentary" would steer me in the right direction at least 95% of the time!!

My Dress (similar - $22.50) & Shoes (similar - $69.95) or These for $19.99

I put together a few more examples for you (each dress to be partnered with the shoes beneath it):