Lauren James

Take this Southern girl's word for it, this company makes THE MOST PERFECT Easter dresses!!  Well, really, they would be perfect anytime!!  You can't tell me that you couldn't make a dress this cute work for at least one thing going on in your life!?  Easter Sunday, a wedding, a graduation, a graduation PARTY, the Kentucky Derby, your beach vacation!?  Seriously, you could rock it!!

I really love the vision behind this company as well!!  Directly from their website:

"Lauren James was founded mid 2013 by registered nurse turned fashion designer, Lauren Stokes. Inspired by the classics and driven by modern styling, Lauren strives to capture a look that's unique yet timeless.

From the every day to the once in a lifetime, Lauren’s true inspiration is to develop clothing wearable on any occasion. Hours of painstaking design, meticulous sourcing of material, and hand crafted quality blend seamlessly in every garment produced.

Our mission is to deliver quality product with an exceptional level of customer service. We make goods that make you feel good, and that’s the way it should be." 

Quite DEMURE is not!?  

My favorite dress from their collection is The Savannah Solid Seersucker Dress, which is the one I have on, in Raspberry!!  For size reference, I did have to go up to a medium because of my boobs... But if you use their "True Fit" tool, they will tell you what size to get in a particular dress, but also whether or not a dress is even a good FIT for your body type!!  And they were right too, for me at least...  They told me a small in this dress would fit in the waist, but be too small in the bust, and that the medium would fit my bust and be too loose on my waist... And they nailed it!!  I ended up having to return the small for the medium, and you can tell it doesn't fit quite like an empire waist should.  But don't think that's Lauren James' fault... It was my own, because I didn't take their professional opinion as fact and stubbornly got the dress I just thought I had to have!! LOL Typical!!!  When, in fact, I should have gone with another style that better fit a small waist and large boobs combo.  When a dress company offers advice on which particular dress style will fit you the best, you should listen, and know that that's a good company!!

Since online boutiques don't have dressing rooms, I think this is an AMAZING feature for them to offer... As a customer, you will know how a dress fits before you even get it in the mail!!  And in a time crunch, that's priceless in my opinion!!!

They also carry all sorts of other preppy fashion and girly things, including: shorts, t-shirts, candles, bathing suits, blankets, jackets, bags, kaychains, and more!!!  You won't regret checking them out!!!  

XOXO - Rachel