Casual Romper for the WIN

Hey Ladies!  I have a great one for you this week!!  A fabulous romper from LOFT that I bought on my birthday shopping trip to Charlotte 2 weekends ago :)

Y'all this romper speaks for itself!!

Its so comfy that almost nothing else matters LOL!!

But, of course, more things do matter, so here are my thoughts:

1. Have I mentioned that IT IS SO COMFORTABLE!!?  Literally like wearing pajamas people!! 

2. The back is incredibly cute!  I mean, who doesn't love a good back detail!?  It adds character without trying too hard :)


3. I was able to go down a size! **Way to make a girl feel good LOFT** I bought an Extra Small instead of the Small that I usually wear at LOFT!

4. And honestly, the way its designed (mostly because of the back) it could be worn with flip-flops (obviously) but you could also put on a statement necklace and some wedges and wear it out to a nicer restaurant!!


But now-a-days, the world just loves to put in as little effort looks-wise as possible - they just throw something on and go... And this romper is the perfect compromise to that!!  Its cute AND takes very little effort to be so!!

I do need to note that this romper is Lou & Grey (the more expensive side of Loft) and that even though Loft constantly does 40% off sales, this romper will rarely, if ever, be included  **I'm frowning as I type this**

BUT ITS SO WORTH PAYING FULL PRICE!!! (I did)  Its $69.50 and you can get it HERE

Wedges - HERE ($29.99)

Necklace - HERE ($21)

Have a great Sunday Funday Ladies!!

The Pop-of-Color Shoe

Who likes to wear black... Like all black!?  How about a monochromatic all white look!?  Heck, or what about all neutrals in general!?  I DO!!  My closet is predominantly ALL NEUTRALS!!  So what do I do to keep my wardrobe interesting you may ask...?  Well, I enjoy jazzing it up with a statement necklace and/or SHOE!!

I tend to have a few favorite items in my closet and wear those until everyone around me is so bored with them (and really, mainly myself LOL)  And I have found recently, that I can take a "same-old, same-old" outfit and turn it into something fresh, and new, and eye catching again by simply adding a fun shoe!!

Top - HERE ($26)

Pants (similar) - HERE ($168) or HERE ($69.90) or HERE ($46 - very casual)

Shoes (similar) - HERE ($83.99) or HERE ($95) or HERE ($66.50 - my favorite)

Even better Ladies... Your shoes don't have to to be heels, and they don't have to be purple :)  But this easy style tip can rejuvenate your favorite outfits for just the cost of one pair of shoes!!  For example, if you always wear the same black dress with the same nude sandals, buy some red heels/ballet flats and wear them with the black dress instead AND with skinny jeans and a white top AND with your favorite white denim and oversized grey sweater (the possibilities are endless)!!  Furthermore, what I'm saying is that you can jazz up your same-old neutral favorites with a little help from ANY colored shoe!!!  Think about all the value you would get out of just the one pair of colorful shoes!!!

Because the tree matched my shoes LOL --> 

I have linked some of my favorites below, at all price-points and colors!!