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Send Hope

This week I've partnered with HopeBox to bring you an amazingly unique & uplifting subscription service.  This company does nothing but strive to send HOPE to all those that need it!!  

Seriously, this company's entire goal in the world is to make sure that no one feels hopeless!!  What an incredible ministry!!  The moment I started interacting with HopeBox, I knew this was a company I wanted to tell the world about!!  They're sheer generosity BLEW ME AWAY!!!


I happen to have a friend whose life has recently been turned upside down when she found out that her 19-month-old son has cancer!  And within 20 minutes of talking with HopeBox, they had offered me a free box, offered you all a chance to win a free box, and offered this friend of mine a free box (sent to her in my name)!!  Without hesitation they wanted to make sure that if my friend needed some hope right now, then she would get some!!!!


HopeBox creates new boxes each month so that each one is a little different!  So if you did want to send a HopeBox to someone more than one month in secession, then they wouldn't receive all of the same things over and over again.  Each box is filled with 10+ made-made, hope-inspiring items!  All of which are designed to help encourage someone through their next stage of healing!  This faith-based organization sends hope from the Hope-Giver Himself, but does also include hope-filled items that aren't necessarily based in the Christian faith.  If you need to send hope to someone that isn't a believer, it would be perfectly suited to them too!  Though, honestly, it does seem like a great, easy way to get THAT conversation started if they, in fact, don't know the Lord... Honestly, rock-bottom is a really good place to meet Him!!  


Included in my box (from left to right):

1) 3 tubes of differently scented bath salts! 2) Peach colored druzzy stud earrings. 3) Lenus Cocoa Lip Balm. 4) An elephant ornament. 5) A wooden magnet that reads, "GOD'S GOT THIS" (the most amazing reminder to see every time I pass my refrigerator). 6) Artwork that reads, "There's Always a way." And also has Luke 11:9 beautifully scribed! 7) A very artsy book entitled, "Read This Till You Believe It." 8) A hand-poured Peach scented candle. 9) A cross-stitch reading, "Hope." 10) And 2 tokens that I assume I'm supposed to hide places, and when I come across them again, they will remind me that there is always HOPE!!

The book is probably my favorite item!  If you're going through a hard time, it really is something that would be good to read at the start of everyday!!  Its filled with the most beautifully painted pages and short sentences on every page reminding you that you'll make it through whatever it is you are dealing with!!  And in my opinion, the encouragement could fit almost any hope-draining situation!!

And of course I really loved the girly things too!!  This handmade lip balm and earrings were really fun to receive!!  I love them both so much!!  The earrings in particular are so gorgeous and well made :)


And a close-up of this hand-drawn artwork!!  Its so beautiful!!  I know I'm not the only one that loves some great hand-lettering ;)

This is such a great service for those of us that live farther away from our loved ones!  These boxes are such an inspiring thing to come home to, even if you aren't in a place where you feel hopeless... So, I can only imagine how uplifting it would be to come home to if you are going through something really hard!!  Death in the family, loss of a job, depression... This box could do someone some good!!  Heck, I know school is about to start back... How many of you would have loved to receive something as great as this care package during finals week!? *raises hand*  And you can include a sweet, encouraging, personal letter with every box you send as well!!  Send it once, or send it over the course of a length of time that you choose... But,

"When you don't know what to send... Send Hope." 

Y'all, this collaboration includes a Giveaway!!  Details of that will be posted under the Subscribers Only Content tab & Instagram on Monday the 21st!  Have a wonderful rest of your week & weekend!!  Start thinking about someone who you'd like to send some HOPE to...


- Rachel

This post is sponsored by HopeBox, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!


Flowers delivered right to your front door... Imagine that!

There may not be anything better to come home to than fresh flowers!!  And these surprise flowers aren't the result of the aftermath of a huge fight with your spouse either! **giggle**  They are just beautiful flowers, delivered right to your door, because its awesome!!  And all you have to do is unpackaged them, put them in a vase, place them in the desired room, and admire them CONSTANTLY!!

Even Cinna was excited to see what gorgeous beauties would emerge from that bright red box!!

I was surprised with a box full of gorgeous, multi-colored hydrangeas!!  And I'm not talking just a few, there were 10 giant blossoms that filled my vase perfectly!!  They came promptly, and in good condition (a few of the pedals did look like that had been traveling for a few days, but they were super easy to pop off, and the bouquet went right back to looking like gorgeous, Spring perfection)!  The flowers were packaged with care in plastic wrap, tied with a ribbon, and wrapped in brown crape paper before being boxed up... And the "Hand Tied" sticker was a super cute touch!!!  **I wish I had the Heart Eyes emoji on my computer keyboard right about now**

Once I got these beauties unpackaged, I couldn't wait to get them in a vase!!  The bright colors were such a beautiful sight to see against my stark-white walls :)  Just look at those colors!!!!

So, then, the next day... Blake and I just had to take pictures with them!!  Scroll to see more :)

So, here's how it works if you'd like to try this #bloominghappy subscription for yourself... They have a weekly ($43.99), or bi-weekly ($41) flower subscription, where they choose the flowers for you!!  Based on the season's offerings, they will send you gorgeous flowers with a satisfaction, money-back guarantee!!  You can check out this subscription HERE.  In my opinion, this is the best subscription for those of you that like variety!!  But they do also have a rose-only subscription for all you rose lovers out there... This one is offered on a monthly bases only, and is either $42 for 25 roses or $39 for 18-20 roses monthly!!  They come in over 130 different colors!!  Roses are so amazing to me **Insert the Heart Eyes emoji again**  You can check this subscription out HERE.  And then, maybe my absolute favorite option, actually isn't a subscription at all...  For those of you who are control freaks (like myself) they have a great section HERE where you can pick the flowers you want for yourself, as if you were standing in a floral shop in person!!  Once you purchase, they are delivered to you straight from the flower farm within 2 to 4 days!!  If you order today, that's just enough time to get them to your mom for Mother's Day!!!  **HINT, HINT** 

I really loved receiving, enjoying, and reviewing these gorgeous flowers and cool business concept!!  I've given you all the information I have, and now its just time to try it out for yourself!!  I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week, and you'll hear from me again on Saturday!!

Love you all,


These flowers were given to me free of charge from BloosyBox, and this post was sponsored by them, but all experiences and opinions are my own!!