CBD Oil Products with PharmOrganics

CBD Oil Products with PharmOrganics

Hey Babes!

I’ve mentioned before that Blake and I are really into the CBD oil trend… We’ve used CBD oil products to recover better after working out, for anxiety, and even for clearer skin! But recently, I was introduced to a CBD oil product for sleep aid & another for my precious Cinna!

Father's Day Gift Guide with Low Country Clothier

Father's Day Gift Guide with Low Country Clothier

Hey Babes!

Blake Here! In case you don’t know who I am, I’m Rachel’s husband, the man behind the camera, and the person who actually came up with the name of this blog!

When Rachel got the call about doing this collaboration, I immediately said yes to doing the take over, but later questioned my decision… I thought, “What in the world have I gotten myself into?”

Sharing My Earring Obsession

Sharing My Earring Obsession

Hey Babes,

My name is Rachel, and I am totally obsessed with earrings! I blame it on the fact that I didn’t have my ears pierced until 13, so once they healed and I could finally change my earrings out myself, I wanted nothing more than to have to the MOST FUN earrings possible! I wanted a different pair of earrings for every outfit… I had SO MANY pair! My mom and I actually made jewelry for a couple of years too, so at one point, I had over 100 pair of earrings… I did a major accessory clean-out when Blake and I moved into our first house, and I pretty much only worn pearl studs for about 3 years (a jewelry restriction at both of my laboratory jobs). However, over the past year and a half, my love for earrings has been re-kindled!! I now have a job where I can wear whatever earrings I want, and I’ve had SO MANY great jewelry collaborations recently, that I just can’t contain my excitement for them anymore!!

The Swank Company Collab

The Swank Company Collab

Hey Babes,

I hope y’all had an awesome week since we spoke last!! I super appreciate all the love y’all showed my home tour post! Y’all sure do know how to make a girl feel good!!

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, you know that a little over a week ago, the “Augusta Blogger Babes” and I all went to a local boutique and did some shopping, try-ons, and photography for them. It was an absolute BLAST! If you’re not local to Augusta, GA, please don’t tune out just yet…. They will ship!! You can email, call, DM on Instagram or Facebook… Whatever you’re comfortable with, if you see something you like! And I think you will, cause I know I sure did!!

My First Styled Shoot

Hey Babes!

Happy Wednesday!  This coming weekend is a wedding weekend for my family!!  Blake's little sister is getting married & we're both in it!!  Both the dress for me and the suit for Blake are so gorgeous!  I don't think we're going to look as fabulous as we are this coming weekend ever again LOL!  I'm so excited for all the festivities and to be surrounded by all the love & joy (P.S. I love the way weddings make me feel... so much so that I wrote a whole post on it last year!  You can read that HERE if you'd like).

So, anyways... In honor of our wedding festivities this weekend, I wanted to share a little wedding inspiration on the blog too.  I don't know if you follow me on Instagram or not, but in February I talked a lot about a Styled Wedding Shoot that I was going to be the model for.  I was so pumped!  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  And now, I have the pictures from that day to share with you! **Whoop Whoop**  This shoot was organized by one of my new friends, and local photographer, Rebecca Judy.  She booked the venue, organized the shoot, found a florist, a baker for the cake, we shopped for my dress together, and she invited other photographers to participate!!  For those of you that don't know (because I didn't) the point of a styled shoot is to have a controlled settling to make beautiful art to submit to magazines, to grow your portfolio, try out new techniques, and even for just some extra practice!

And let me tell you... It was an awesome experience to be apart of!!  

Venue: Rose Hill Estate

Flowers: Rachel Frisell Design Studio

Cake: Mrs. Delightful's Bakery

Dress: Elegant Bridals

Hair & Makeup: Jessica Melton Makeup

Jewelry: Hello, Darling

Photographers: Rebecca Judy Photography | Whitney Ann Photography | Nina Bashaw Photography

Models: The Furtick's ;)


So, if you're planning a wedding now, or will be in the future, these ladies were amazing to work with!!  I was blown away by all of them!!  Jessica Melton amazed me from the start!  Her hair and makeup skills are incredible!!!  Y'all know what type of hair I have & she was able to make it look like this!!!  And that makeup... O. M. G.  Enough said!  The dress was so gorgeous too!  The ladies that work at Elegant Bridals are SO friendly, and SO helpful!!  Their dress selection is infinite & they had the perfect dress for making Rebecca's "Garden Wedding" vision come to life!!  My earrings were handmade by a local business owner!  As a former jewelry maker myself, I was absolutely amazed by the craftsmanship and elegance of Hello, Darling's jewelry!  Everything floral was created by the amazing Rachel Frisell!  Not only does she have a pretty great name, but she is also absolutely fantastic at what she does!  My mouth literally dropped when I saw what I looked like in that gorgeous flower crown!!!  AND, she let me keep it ;)  Her use of succulents was so creative, absolutely on trend, and nothing like anything I've ever seen before!  LOVE!!  Plus, she also made the name sign shown in one of the pictures!  The cake in the photos isn't actually real, so I didn't get to taste it :(  But, Kelsie, the owner of Mrs. Delightful's Bakery, is making the cupcakes for my birthday party next week, so I can tell you after that how amazing I they are (watch for pictures on Instagram and Facebook)!!!  But that gold foil on the cake sure is real & it was absolutely picture perfect!!  The venue was gorgeous too, and it was so fun to go to a beautiful, historic home in Aiken since I'm new to the area!  Rose Hill Estate is perfect for an indoor, or outdoor wedding!  There's the main house, a small chapel on the grounds, and a beautiful ivy-covered arbor!  So, it can accommodate a variety of wedding visions!

Then, there's the photographers!  Each one had their own amazing qualities!  Rebecca & Whitney are based out of Aiken, SC, but of course are willing to travel.  And the same with Nina, she is based out of Columbia, SC, but is definitely willing to travel!  Rebecca was the best at giving Blake and I direction, and of course, the whole thing was her brainchild, so you can see how well she is at pulling off a vision!  Nina was so much fun to be around, and we had such a good time joking around with her!!  Trust me, our smiles in her photos are absolutely genuine!  Whitney captured our candidness the best!  You can see all of my sassiness in her pictures!!  A lot of times, the "bloopers" are the best pictures, in my opinion, LOL!!  Whitney is Rebecca's second shooter at weddings a lot of times, so to get those two as a photographer-duo would be a wedding day photo DREAM!!

Mostly, that just speaks toward their personalities, not their skill as photographers.  But really, their work speaks for itself!  They all produced fabulous photos!!  Several of which I plan to have printed!!!  And you would be lucky to have any one of them as your photographer - wedding or otherwise! :)

I'm leaving you with my favorite picture from the whole shoot LOL... Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!  

Photo By Nina Bashaw

Photo By Nina Bashaw

It looks like he's choking me hahahaaaaa!



Spring Essentials

Hey babes! 

It's finally April!  My favorite month!!  I know, as an almost-27-year-old, I should give up my birthday obsession, but seriously... That's easier said than done LOL!  So, to celebrate this year, I've planned 8 giveaways throughout the whole month!!  If you're a subscriber, you got my April giveaway schedule in your inbox, on Wednesday.  The giveaways started on 4/4 and the first one ends tonight!  You can head over to my Instagram if you want to check out that giveaway :)

Now, this post marks the start of my second April Giveaway!  I've partnered with one of my favorite boutique owners to give one lucky winner a $30 gift certificate to her site!!  Continue reading to learn more about that...  

If you've been following along with me since the Fall, you may remember our previous collaboration, but if not... I can't wait to share this shop with you!!!

This online-only boutique was based out of North Augusta (where I live now) until about a month before we moved here... I can't even tell you how sad I am that I didn't get to meet Morgan in person before she relocated to Texas, but at least we have email & Instagram LOL!  I love her style & everything she picks out for her shop!  Especially her workout wear!!!  I purchased this set about 2 months ago & have never worked out in something I loved more...

Even though Revie is no longer *technically* local to me anymore, I still believe shopping her store is supporting my "shop small, shop local" ideals!  She's a very stylish paralegal by day, boutique owner by night, boss babe!  Everything she hand-chooses for her shop is super cute & perfectly represents her!  I think you would love her stuff as much as I do!!    

Revie's New Spring Line

Short Skirt Denim Jacket | Ademurelife Fashion Blog
Skirt with tan Sweater | Ademurelife Fashion Blog

I was really wanting to fill my Spring and Summer wardrobe with a bunch of skirts and dresses this year...  I binged on shorts last year, but have to be a little more dressy-professional with my new career path this year ;)  So, now I can officially say that I'm off to a good start!  This floral skirt can be dressed down with a denim jacket and sandals for the beach, or dressed up with a nice top and heels for work!  Its high wasted, not too short, pleated, and has the cutest on-trend, floral pattern!  I'm wearing a medium here.  It fits like a 4/6, so I'd say it runs a little small. I'd recommend sizing up one!  Also, I'm 5'7" and it still hits a little below mid-thigh, so the length is perfect!  It would be the perfect everywhere skirt - work, church, vacation, date-night, wedding!  You name it, and this skirt can make you look fabulous there!!  Plus, the fact that it has a bunch of different colors represented in the floral pattern makes it easy to pair with anything you already have in your closet! 

The purple tank I styled with it in the first picture is also from Revie!  The unique color is not like anything else I have in my closet!  It has thick straps and is long enough to cover your booty with leggings in the Fall - just throw a sweater on top of it, letting the tail hang out, and you're ready to go!!  I wore it with destroyed denim this week, with a little front tuck, and I loved it!  It's so soft and comfy that I feel like I'll find myself reaching for it time after time this Summer!!  I got the small, and I'd say it fits true to size!

Jeans with pink top | Ademurelife Fashion Blog

So, Mo wanted to do a little something special for all of you & decided to give us a 15% off coupon for ANYTHING you want to get from her shop!  That means, make sure you look at everything, because her athleisure is really, THE BEST!  The code: 'DEMURE15' will get you 15% off your entire order from Revie!

And then, it gets even better!  We are also giving away a $30 gift certificate to Revie as well!!  The giveaway is Instagram based, so if you have an Instagram account, head HERE to enter!  The giveaway will run through 4/11 at 10 am EST, and the winner will be announced that day via Instagram!

Here are a few of my favorite items that you just HAVE TO check out:

I have all of the shoes featured in my outfits above linked at the bottom of this post!

Happy Shopping!!


- Rachel

The floral skirt & tank featured in this post were given to me by Revie, and this post was sponsored by that company.  However, all thoughts, and opinions are my own!!