Gift Guide for Him

Happy holiday season ladies,

As I finally finished up my Christmas shopping, I found myself wondering if the items I had hand-picked for everyone were, in fact, the right gifts for them...  People very easily turn this season of GIVING into a super greedy season, and I don't like it!  I like the giving part, the choosing of the most perfect gifts for everyone!  It brings me such joy to watch my loved ones receive, and love, the items I chose specifically for them! 

Last year, Blake and I had a $20 budget for each other...  And it was so great now that I'm looking back on it.  The effort we each had to put in to come up with the right gifts for each other was so sweet!  But it was so great to be able to buy him "real gifts" this year!  He had items on his wishlist, but I picked out a few things for him myself as well!  And because I can't keep surprises and he already knows everything he's getting, I am able to share them all with you just in case you need some gift ideas for some of the men in your lives!

Jord Watches.jpg

OMG y'all, this watch!!  If you've been following along with my blog since at least April, you've gotten to see the JORD watch that I'm absolutely in love with!  Blake was a little jealous of its real wood band and large, simplistic face.  So, I got him one too!  They don't match [unfortunately ;)], but I'm so glad he has one now too!  And as you can tell, I couldn't even wait until Christmas to give it to him...  Find this exact JORD watch <----- 

Fall Watches.jpg

JORD has even given me a 25% off instant coupon code for any of my readers that might want to give one as a gift this Christmas!  Or for themselves...


Now, I'm sure most of y'all know about mine and Blake's sick obsession with fixing up older homes!  But crazily enough, even though we are on our 3rd house in 4 years, Blake and I [well, mainly Blake] doesn't have any tools.  We've had to rely on the generosity of other people allowing us to borrow tools for far too long, LOL!  Blake asked for tools this year, and that's one wish I had to fulfill!

Home Depot Tool Kit.PNG

I decided on this tool kit from Home Depot.  Blake already has a Ryobi weed-eater that he got 3 years ago.  It has never given us a bit of trouble, so I went with the same brand!!  This particular set was on super sale for Black Friday... But, even better, its STILL ON SALE!!  Home Depot is still currently doing the same sale from Black Friday!!  On top of the fact that these tool "kits" are great deals anyway!  So, if there's a guy in your life that could use some tools, check this, or one of the other tool kits, out!  No guy likes to ask to use other people's tools, trust me LOL!!

Men's Hunter Boots.PNG

Third, Blake's new job has him walking 15 minutes from his parking spot into the actual building... Which is insane to me!!  But also requires some foot protection on rainy, or God-willing, *SNOWY* days.  And unlike for women, its not really fashionable for men to wear shiny, knee-high boots with their jeans/leggings tucked in... LOL, so I found these matte, ankle-high Hunter boots for a more appropriate option!  Most guys would probably never ask for rain boots, but they would be so useful for any man that has to weather the elements!  And I'm sure, very appreciated after the first time they're used as well!!


As a nurse, Blake CONSTANTLY washes his hands, making them super dry and chapped!!  And this time of year, the weather makes it all-the-more-worse!  O'Keeffe's working hands is the best lotion we have ever come across!!  It isn't oily or slimy, it soaks completely into his skin so that it doesn't leave a residue on his hands.  It is completely scent-free, and it lasts for hours!  When he makes up in the morning after putting it on the night before, his hands still feel moisturized and healthy, without them feeling typically lotiony and gross.  And truthfully, I love it for myself just as much!  Its the perfect stocking stuffer for any man that does a lot of work with his hands!!

Beard Oil.PNG

And how about some beard oil!?  The new beard trend has gotten all the men excited over such a small grooming product LOL!  Blake has yet to try any because it seems like a frivolous expense to him, but I'd like to give him some this year!  This one is 100% all natural and is relatively inexpensive!  Its also another perfect little stocking stuffer splurge for yo man!!

Men's Slippers.PNG

And Slippers!!  Who doesn't love to have some cozy clouds to walk around in while they're at home at night and on the weekends!?  These babies are cute, trendy, comfy, come in 2 different colors, and are under $22!!  Every man could use some slippers: your dad, brother, grandfather, brother-in-law, cousin, uncle, and hubby!!  These were my favorite find of all because they are dups of $50 men's slippers from J Crew... And you know how much I ADORE J Crew :)  These babies are a steal - GET SOME!!

Leather Jacket and Scarf.jpg

Or how about a leather jacket?  Or a fashionable accessory!?  Every guy should have an edgy leather jacket!!  I think ASOS has some really great options!  They are a European company, but they ship quickly enough to get it to you by Christmas!!  You know your man's style better than I do, so I didn't know which one to pick for y'all, but clicking HERE will at least get you to the right page! From there you can chose a Moto style, collared or un-collared, lots a zippers of fewer zippers, real leather or faux leather.  But any way you go, a leather jacket is a thoughtful option!!  And I still have a few Men's scarves for sale over at Demure :)  There is 1 left of this red & black plaid, and I have 2 grey left - each for only $7!!!

And last, but not least...

Yeti Lowball.PNG

I don't think there's a man out there that wouldn't appreciate a YETI lowball glass for his bourbon or mixed drink (or even for his water LOL!  Its an easy $20, and even if they already have one, its a gift that would be great to have 2 or more of!!  So this gift would work well for those men you don't know too super well.  Its just a gift that really works in 2017!!  When in doubt, buy him a Yeti!!!

I hope any of this helps you this Christmas season!!  Happy Shopping Babes!!

And look for my "Gift Guide for Her" coming to you Saturday night!!


- Rachel

Loving Life & Leather

Try saying that 5 times fast LOL

Hey friends,

I wanted to use today's blog post slot to give you all a little update on our lives!

Blake has been at his new job for 2 weeks now!  He's loving it so much!  The new doctors are great, his new co-workers are so nice and very welcoming, he is learning new things there A.K.A. the nurses stitch people up in this Cath Lab (something he's never had [I mean, gotten] to do before LOL!  The only negative thing he's said so far is that they keep the temperature at 60 degrees in the lab!!  LOL, he does not like to be cold!!  But he's taken some jackets and long sleeve tees to wear under his scrubs, so he will be just fine :)  He's still liking his truck, though he does miss his mustang, but the truck allows for us to experience a different kind of independence that we haven't before!  Not having to ask to borrow a truck all the time has been so nice!  Especially during this renovation!!

Speaking of renovation, this home reno has been a bit more challenging than the others... We've never done the kitchen before, and living without a kitchen for a month really sucks, and is getting kind of expensive!  So not only is it expensive because "time is money," but without a kitchen, we've had to eat out this whole time, OMG!!  But, on the bright side it should be completed by Tuesday!!  I'm super ready to finally have a house not under construction (well, until we decide it's time to tackle that pink bathroom LOL)!!


As for me, I've quit my full-time job at the City... And as much as I've enjoyed being full-time blogger, boutiquer, and renovation manager these past 2 weeks, I've decided to go back to "school" and get my Real Estate and Property Management licenses!  I will start classes on Monday October 9th back in Columbia!  Unfortunately, I'm more nervous than excited at this point... I know that's so sad to say, but I really never wanted to be a student again LOL!  In college I obsessed over school...  And I just definitely don't want to be that person again!!!  But nevertheless, in 9 days, I'm going to kick Real Estate school's butt!!  And now that today marks the start of October, I will finally be ordering Fall apparel for Demure - something that I wait all year long to do!!  I can't wait for y'all to see what I've picked out!!!  And also, since today is October 1st, Demure Styled earrings are going out today, but I also need to tell y'all (for those that subscribe), that I have too many subscribers now to ship them all out in one day.... I get so embarrassed walking into the Post Office and putting 21 packages on the counter, while everyone that was in line behind me gets frustrated that I've basically just tied up the one representative for at least 20 minutes... So, until I find an economic way to ship from home, I will be separating y'all's earring-of-the-month shipments into 3 separate days... I'm sorry!


We are doing the backsplash in the kitchen ourselves this weekend, but after that, we are finally trying out new churches next Sunday!!  I'm very excited about that!!  We are starting at the church that our friends here attend!!  I'm really itching to get into a new church family and to be involved again!!  Pray for us that we find the right one and that we will have something to offer to whatever church we end up at!!  We worked with the Middle Schoolers at our church home in Lexington, and though I'd probably like to try something different this time around, I pray that my heart is willing to be placed wherever there is a need!!


So, this photoshoot was the first one that Blake and I have had in our new hometown!  And really, I think its the most fun we've ever had doing photography together!!  

I was looking so forward to shooting this particular outfit!!  Its the type of outfit I've wanted to rock for years!!  But up until 3 weeks ago, I never owned a leather jacket!!  I've wanted one for as long as I could remember... And thanks to Tobi.com I now have one!!  This Leather Moto Jacket is the most perfect accessory for anything Fall!  Literally, you could wear it with anything!  You could pair this, or any leather jacket, with a purposefully edgy look with ripped jeans and boots, a pencil skirt and heels for work, or a lace dress and pearls for date night... They are truly so versatile, and give a little extra personality to any look!!  Y'all know how girly I am, and having a leather jacket has been a dream of mine for a while!!  So, that should be testimony enough to tell you that you need one too!!  Thank you Tobi, for making this girl's dreams come true!!!  P.S. it runs a little small... I'm wearing a medium here.


And y'all, this DRESS!!  I purchased it 2 weeks ago once I found out Tobi sent me the leather jacket!  One of my favorite blogger/boutique owners Amelia Styles had it in her shop, and I knew I had to have it to pair with this jacket and booties!!  The shade of pink is perfect, and the flirty peplum provides the right balance to the edgy leather moto!  I'm always impressed by Amelia's style on her blog, and everything she has in her SHOP is fantastic... She's definitely someone I look up to and want to be as successful as!!  Please check her out, you won't regret it!!  P.S. This dress was not part of a collaboration with Amelia Styles, so I don't have a promo code for her shop, but all of her prices are very reasonable anyway!  I just wanted y'all to know about her and her shop!!

I hope y'all rock an edgy/feminine outfit this week ;)  Until next time friends...


- Rachel

This leather jacket was provided to me by Tobi.com, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Why I love Weddings

As Blake and I have been settling into the new house, it hit me the other day that we have 6 wedding invitations & save the dates to decorate our new refrigerator (3 weddings this Fall & 3 weddings, thus far, for Spring!)  

I love going to weddings!  And it makes me so happy to be invited to each new one!!  

As I sit and listen to newlyweds make their vows to each other, it always reminds me of the vow I made to Blake and God on our wedding day!  And, I must admit, sometimes those reminders come at just a right time!!  A lot of times I'm convicted: sitting there in my best dress, usually holding the hand of the man I love, realizing that I haven't been the wife I should be, lately... Haven't really been the wife I promised to be!  Weddings make me a better person!!  And then, weddings give Blake and I the opportunity to hit the dance floor and make so many wonderful memories doing something we love to do together!!  I. LOVE. WEDDINGS!

Fall Wedding Fun.jpg

We recently went to a wedding of a very young couple we've watched grow throughout their relationship with each other... We knew them before they even started dating, and now we've witnessed them get married!!  And after thinking back on their night over the last 2 weeks, I think it was probably the best wedding I've ever been to!!  Not because the food was good, or the music was good, or even the ceremony itself was good (though they all were), but because of the love that the couple showed for each other!!  Do you know anyone like that?  A couple whose love for each other exudes every wonderful thing a marriage is supposed to be!?  Watching those 2 love each other was such a blessing in my life that week!!

As a girl who has grown up in a Christian home, and who deeply desires to follow the Lord's will in her life everyday, I am well aware of why marriage was created and what its supposed to represent!   Wives are to love their husbands as the Church loves Christ, and husbands are to love their wives as Christ loves the Church.  Impossible standards for any sinner to meet alone, but wonderful goals for any redeemed sinner to aim towards!!

Backless Dress.jpg

Weddings always seem to renew my desire to be the woman I stood in front of a church full of almost 200 people and promised to be... To cherish, forgive, serve, put before anyone else, take care of, and most of all LOVE Blake Furtick for the rest of forever!  For those of you who aren't yet married, its so much easier said than done, but is so worth the effort!!!

The couple at the wedding we just attended seem to do it all so well, and from such an young age!!  And I think that's simply because they put the Lord first in their lives, and in their relationship!!  As an audience, we all sang a worship song at the end of their ceremony because they wanted nothing more than for the first thing they did as a married couple to be worshiping their Lord and Savor!!!

I know what you're thinking...  But believe me, it wasn't just for show!!  This was the most simple ceremony and reception I've ever been to... One that was completely void of the typical pomp & circumstance that's stereotypical of a Southern wedding.  And because it was simple, there was more room for JOY!  Everything they said and did was 100% authentic and genuine, and full of LOVE!  Love for each other, and for God!!  It was such a beautiful evening, and I'm a better person because of it!!!

What to Wear to a Wedding.jpg

The wedding was the Saturday before Hurricane Irma hit South Carolina on the following Monday.... It was actually a pretty chilly evening because of all the wind...  Not too cold, but not typical SC Summer weather either, giving me the perfect temperatures to test out this LOVELY dress from Tobi.com.  It was so fitting for such a perfectly LOVELY evening!!  It has a romantic cut, with a backless detail!  And is actually called "In Love Halter Maxi Dress"!!  It was too perfect for Fall wedding attire that I just couldn't pass it up!!!  The slit is high, so I had to be careful with the heavy winds that night, but since that was atypical weather, I don't see why this dress wouldn't be the most perfect Fall and Spring wedding-attending dress ever!!  Not to mention the fact that EVERY lady at the wedding except for the bride, the coordinator, and one other female were all wearing blue!  I usually pay more attention to trending outfit STYLES than COLORS, but seriously y'all, it wasn't something I could stop myself from noticing...  So keep it mind, that if you're attending a wedding this season, apparently BLUE is the color you need to wear!!  Which makes THIS periwinkle maxi dress all the more perfect, because its in the blue family, but different enough that you won't be wearing the exact same shade as everyone else, but will still be wearing the IT color for Fall wedding attendees!! 

I paired it with a metallic gold shoe, and NO HANDBAG!  Not carrying a purse is absolutely outside of my character, but ever since moving, and having my purse constantly stuffed with Home Depot receipts (from the renovations) and whatever junk I needed up until the last minute of walking out of our last house (so I just stuffed it in my purse), I don't carry my purse anymore...  I usually hand Blake my phone to keep in his pocket, and I avoid carrying my purse as often as I can!!  I don't know if its just because I don't want to clean it out or if its a personality change, but I'm just so sick of carrying it!!  I'll keep you update ;)

Now, Blake and I have a more formal wedding coming up in October!  Its at a fancier venue and is later in the evening!  Which means we get to dress up a little more!!!  So, for that wedding, I got this scandalessly low-cut dress from Tobi as well:

Low Cut Dress for a Wedding.jpg
What to Wear to a Fall Wedding.jpg

I'm not 100% sure that I can even pull it off, but since Tobi was willing to collaborate with me on Fall wedding attire, I liked the idea of getting to try it!!  It may be more appropriate on someone with smaller boobs LOL, but I love it!!  However, they may be some body tape in our future together :)

Formal Backless Dress.jpg

My advice on wearing this Backless Little Black Dress to a Fall/Winter/formal wedding would be to get one of those super trendy faux fur wraps to put around your shoulders later on in the evening!!  I don't have one yet, but plan to get one before that particular wedding!!  So excited!!!

Fall Wedding Hair Styles.jpg

I hope the next time you go to a wedding, you really listen to what it is the officiant and the bride & groom are saying!  If you're married, the things you promised your spouse all those years ago are the same things that the newlyweds are promising to one another, and its good to remember that you DID ONCE PROMISE the same things!  Whether your marriage is doing amazingly well, or you're in a bit of a rocky spot, a little reminder to LOVE through any and all circumstances could never be a bad thing!!!  Until next time...


- Rachel

These 2 dresses were provided to me by Tobi.com, but all photos, thoughts, and opinions are my own!

Shop Revie

Happy Saturday babes!!

This week I have something super fun in store for you!!  I have contacted several boutiques local to my new (in 2 weeks) home!  And I've had the privilege of working with one over the last 2 months to bring some of the boutique to you!!  Revie is an online-only boutique that was founded in North Augusta, South Carolina (where Blake and I just closed on our new house yesterday!!!!)  Morgan is the owner, and her style is fantastic!!  I would totally own anything she buys to put in her shop!!!  She has a real passion for yoga, and the cutest workout-wear to rock while doing it!!  Every piece of athletic wear she carries in her store is yoga tested and approved by her :)  Her can see all her amazing yoga videos on her Instagram HERE!  She relocated to Austin, Texas just 1 month before we relocated to North Augusta... I'm so sad to have missed working with her in person, but I'm so happy we did find each other either way!!!

Its one of my greatest passions to tell the world about small businesses!!  And this is one that SO deserves your attention!!  Morgan sent me this adorable top that's part of her new Fall collection! Its composed of a thin sweater material up top, and then has a faux white poplin shirt-tail sticking out of the bottom!  Its the perfect neutral Fall top to be dressed up, or down!  And it's long enough to cover your tush in your favorite leggings!  You can find it HERE for just $28!


I have it paired here with my favorite ripped denim and some booties for a more casual look!  My specific jeans have sold out, but Morgan happens to have a fabulous pair of ripped denim in her Fall collection for $62 HERE!  I made the necklace I've accessorized with, and it's sold out too, but if you'd like one, email me, and I'll see what I can do ;) 


And the best part about this collaboration is that Morgan has given me a coupon code for all of you!!!  Use code: DEMURE15 at checkout to receive 15% off of your entire order!!!  P.S. If you're a subscriber and have access to the Subscribers Only Content, head over there to check out something even more special that Morgan has done for Y'ALL!!


Some photoshoot outtakes for your enjoyment:  

I *tried* to do some yoga for Morgan, since that's her THING!  But since my jeans have NO stretch to them, this is what I got... I present to you:

Warrior 2 - Fashion Blogger Style:


Head over to Revie and explore what Morgan has to offer!!  Even if you don't love the top that I chose, I'm sure she has something over there that would be perfect for you as well!!  Her prices are great and her quality is stellar!!  Happy shopping!!!



This top was gifted to me by Revie, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!!

LipSense Experience

Happy Saturday Friends!!

I don't know if you're following me on Instagram or not, but if you are, you've fallen witness to my new OBSESSION with LipSense!!  A very sweet LipSense distributor, Marcie, reached out to me a month or so ago and asked if I'd like to try out there products...  I was a little skeptical at first.   I'm not accustomed to buying beauty products outside of department stores (Belk, Dillards, Sephora, Ulta, etc.)  And although I had heard of LipSense before, I really knew nothing about it...  But I am so please to say that I am now a true LipSense believer!!  


From right to left, these products are: 1) LipSense remover, 2) Red-Blu, 3) Pink Champagne, 4) Gold Champagne, and 5) Glossy-Gloss (the finishing touch)!

The first one I tried was Blu-Red - the most perfect "Red-Lip" lip color for those of us with super fair skin ;)  I wore it out to lunch one Sunday afternoon, and that's when my love affair with LipSense began!!  I documented my experience through the day:

The first pic was taken on the way to lunch, just minutes after I had applied LipSense for the first time!  That vibrant red color is so freaking pretty (these are all iPhone pictures with no filters)!!!  The second picture was taken just after my first bite of lunch!!  You can see from this pic of my Groucho's sandwich that the lip color is permanent!!  Not a single bit transferred from my lips to my sandwich!!  This non-transfering feature is one that Blake loves VERY MUCH ;)  And then the third picture was taken about 4 hours later and my lipstick was still PERFECT!!  It lasted much later into the night, but the rest of my makeup did't look so hot anymore so the pictures stopped there LOL!

I learned so much about LipSense that day:

1) There's a special way it needs to be applied (swipe it on in one direction, no back-and-forth).

2) Cosmetic grade alcohol is the color carrying agent, making it anti-bacterial!!

3) Once the alcohol evaporates, the color hardens onto your lips, making it permanent!

4) Meaning no fading, or smearing!!  When I put it on now, I'm confident that the next time I look in a mirror (whether 1 or 6 hours later), my lipstick will look just as perfect as it did when I left home that morning!

5) There is a gloss that goes on top to add a glossiness to the color!

6) But not only does it provide the glossy look, it is actually a legit moisturizer... My new LipSense consultant told me to start using it a couple days before trying the colors to hydrate my lips... Its AMAZING!!  My lips finally stopped feeling so chapped (because apparently waxy chapsticks don't really work)!  I use it everyday now, whether I'm applying the colors or not!!

7) Because its permanent, there is a special formula LipSense remover to take it off.

8) And last, but not least, I learned how fantastic LipSense is and that I don't think I'll ever buy any other lipstick again!  You can't beat the quality of this product!!  It is TRULY UNIQUE!!

The second color I tried was the Pink Champagne!  This is the most natural looking of the 3 I chose!  Its so perfect for everyday wear because its almost a lip neutral, with a hint of champagne ;)  It goes with almost any outfit for any occasion!!  You can see the variety of outfits I wore it with for my photoshoot last weekend (P.S. 2 of these pictures are spoilers for upcoming blog posts.... So, shhhh).

The last color I tried was the Gold Champagne!  It is such a great color for Fall!  It is a perfectly neutral color for those that don't like to wear much color on their lips because they feel like they can never find the right color to go with their skin tone (but I'm not speaking from experience or anything...)  I'm totally guilty of that!!  I have at least 6 lipsticks in my makeup bag that have only been wore once, because once I got home from the store and wore it out for the first time, I realized that it just wasn't for me...  So, I've actually stopped buying lipstick (haven't bought one in a year and a half) and why I asked Marcie to send me 3 LipSense colors to try out because I was afraid none of them would work for me...  

Imagine my surprise when I actually LOVED ALL THREE!!!  

The Gold Champagne also has some coral undertones that would be great to carry you back around into Spring!!  However, its not currently being made right now, so Marcie suggested that Dawn Rising would be a great substitute :)


Overall, I think that the Pink Champagne is my favorite of the 3 colors!  Honestly, its the most perfect for EVERYDAY wear...  Buying that one would give you the most bang for your buck!!  To purchase, you would have to speak with Marcie directly because she doesn't have a website, but has given me a link to her Facebook Group where she does most of her consulting and distributing!  You can get there by clicking HERE

Marcie started selling LipSense because she loved how it made her feel like she was a little more put together!  She says that just adding LipSense and mascara to her daily routine just makes she FEEL so much better!!  And even though I wear a face full of makeup EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, even I can attest to the fact that LipSense makes you feel more put together because my makeup routine hasn't included lipstick on a regular basis before now!

You won't find quality lip color like LipSense anywhere else, and you won't find a consultant as eager to help you love LipSense as much as Marcie will anywhere else either!  Check her out - you won't be disappointed!!


- Rachel

These products were given to me by Marcie with Love Your Lips With Marcie, but all experiences, thoughts, and opinions are my own!

Send Hope

This week I've partnered with HopeBox to bring you an amazingly unique & uplifting subscription service.  This company does nothing but strive to send HOPE to all those that need it!!  

Seriously, this company's entire goal in the world is to make sure that no one feels hopeless!!  What an incredible ministry!!  The moment I started interacting with HopeBox, I knew this was a company I wanted to tell the world about!!  They're sheer generosity BLEW ME AWAY!!!


I happen to have a friend whose life has recently been turned upside down when she found out that her 19-month-old son has cancer!  And within 20 minutes of talking with HopeBox, they had offered me a free box, offered you all a chance to win a free box, and offered this friend of mine a free box (sent to her in my name)!!  Without hesitation they wanted to make sure that if my friend needed some hope right now, then she would get some!!!!


HopeBox creates new boxes each month so that each one is a little different!  So if you did want to send a HopeBox to someone more than one month in secession, then they wouldn't receive all of the same things over and over again.  Each box is filled with 10+ made-made, hope-inspiring items!  All of which are designed to help encourage someone through their next stage of healing!  This faith-based organization sends hope from the Hope-Giver Himself, but does also include hope-filled items that aren't necessarily based in the Christian faith.  If you need to send hope to someone that isn't a believer, it would be perfectly suited to them too!  Though, honestly, it does seem like a great, easy way to get THAT conversation started if they, in fact, don't know the Lord... Honestly, rock-bottom is a really good place to meet Him!!  


Included in my box (from left to right):

1) 3 tubes of differently scented bath salts! 2) Peach colored druzzy stud earrings. 3) Lenus Cocoa Lip Balm. 4) An elephant ornament. 5) A wooden magnet that reads, "GOD'S GOT THIS" (the most amazing reminder to see every time I pass my refrigerator). 6) Artwork that reads, "There's Always a way." And also has Luke 11:9 beautifully scribed! 7) A very artsy book entitled, "Read This Till You Believe It." 8) A hand-poured Peach scented candle. 9) A cross-stitch reading, "Hope." 10) And 2 tokens that I assume I'm supposed to hide places, and when I come across them again, they will remind me that there is always HOPE!!

The book is probably my favorite item!  If you're going through a hard time, it really is something that would be good to read at the start of everyday!!  Its filled with the most beautifully painted pages and short sentences on every page reminding you that you'll make it through whatever it is you are dealing with!!  And in my opinion, the encouragement could fit almost any hope-draining situation!!

And of course I really loved the girly things too!!  This handmade lip balm and earrings were really fun to receive!!  I love them both so much!!  The earrings in particular are so gorgeous and well made :)


And a close-up of this hand-drawn artwork!!  Its so beautiful!!  I know I'm not the only one that loves some great hand-lettering ;)

This is such a great service for those of us that live farther away from our loved ones!  These boxes are such an inspiring thing to come home to, even if you aren't in a place where you feel hopeless... So, I can only imagine how uplifting it would be to come home to if you are going through something really hard!!  Death in the family, loss of a job, depression... This box could do someone some good!!  Heck, I know school is about to start back... How many of you would have loved to receive something as great as this care package during finals week!? *raises hand*  And you can include a sweet, encouraging, personal letter with every box you send as well!!  Send it once, or send it over the course of a length of time that you choose... But,

"When you don't know what to send... Send Hope." 

Y'all, this collaboration includes a Giveaway!!  Details of that will be posted under the Subscribers Only Content tab & Instagram on Monday the 21st!  Have a wonderful rest of your week & weekend!!  Start thinking about someone who you'd like to send some HOPE to...


- Rachel

This post is sponsored by HopeBox, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!