I fully believe you can make or break an outfit with the shoes...

Black Mules

Black Mules

These super classy black mules are the least expensive of the new shoes I've gotten.  The black makes them highly versatile and super classy.  They were a great first pair of mules for me because they stay on a lot easier than, I came to find out, most other slides do...  They also come up a lot higher on the foot, so I love that they hide my super pale feet LOL!!!!  They are only $22.99 and are a must have in my opinion!!  In fact, they are the most shopped item that I have on my blog!!  They fit true to size AND also come in a light pink/blush color!

Blush Bow Mules

Blush Bow Mules

These are a little more expensive, with a price tag of $69.95, but Nordstrom does free shipping so there's no added cost!!  The quality is amazing, the leather is so soft, and they are just so cute and feminine!  They aren't really a "must have," but if you like to have super cutesy shoes in your closet to add a little something to your everyday looks, these will fill that roll perfectly!!  They fit true to size.

Fuschia Loafers.PNG

Fuschia Loafers

These beauties are only $49.99 and are my favorite of my new shoe purchases because a *super bright* pop-of-color is so much fun!!  Its also absolutely on trend!!  I love to wear them with almost any neutral outfit to add a little wow-factor to the look!  They don't come in half sizes for the 6, 7, and 8 range (but do for smaller and larger sizes), so I went up to the 8 and they are perfectly fine for me.  The suede is so soft that I didn't have any "break-in" period!!

Nude Mules.PNG

Nude Mules

These mules are also perfect for the new slip-on trend!  If you've never owned mules before, you definitely need to have a pair this year because they are wildly popular right now!!  The nude color allows them to go with ANYTHING, so they are highly versatile and very much worth their $39.99 price tag!!  The leather is a little stiff at first, so I got a blister on my pinky toes the first time I wore them, but I waited a week before wearing them again and then they were fine!!  And I wear them 3 times a week now!! They fit true to size.  

Navy New Balance.PNG

Navy & Rose Gold

These are the best tennis shoes I've ever owned: They are the exact same shoe, just in different color options!  I've purchased them both and they also come in a gray/white combo.  They fit true to size and I am still able to always wear socks with them!  They are my favorite workout companions & I have really enjoyed owning them!!  

White New Balance.PNG

Ivory & Gold

They are a little more pricey, but quality tennis shoes always are...  They are $85 each, but I'll have them forever... I mean, seriously, my feet haven't changed size in a decade LOL!  Just watch for a good sale, and snatch them up!!!

Pink Sneakers.PNG

Blush Sneakers

I've been calling these my "gangster pink shoes" to Blake since I ordered them!  LOL, I think its the high tongue that brings that name to mind...  I've worn these babies twice now!  The first time was out to a casual dinner and the second was to the gym!  I've really enjoyed having them for my new workout schedule (A.K.A. I just joined a gym again after a year and a half long hiatus).  Cute workout gear is SO MOTIVATING!!!  They are $69.95 and I ordered my regular size :)  And I have no complaints!!  They are so comfy - they feel like they are hugging my feet without being too tight.  I wore them with socks & they fit great!  Plus, there was no break-in period!!  Two thumbs up for these tennis shoes!

Camel Wedges.PNG

Camel Islet Wedges

I think mother nature was laughing at me after I purchased these shoes, because I wore them the next day to work (all day), and then the very next morning I woke up to 47 degrees.  So, I haven't even been able to wear them since :(  I LOVE the thick block heel, and the leather is so soft!!  The very first time I wore them was for about 9 hours straight... So you can trust me when I say they are SUPER COMFORTABLE!!!  They are only $32.99 and I bought a half size down!  

Rose Gold Mules.PNG

Rose Gold Mules

Y'all, these shoes are so fun!  Rose gold is so, so on trend right now!!  And really, they are kind of a neutral shoe since they are just a metallic color.  And, we all know that neutrals go with EVERYTHING!!  They are very comfortable, with very soft leather inner soles.  I did size up a half size, and you just can't beat the price people... $14.99!!  They are from a store that you might not necessarily be ready to trust with your feet's happiness, but I have 4 pairs of shoes from this company, and they are some of my favorites of all time (one pair I've had for 8+ years)!!  I definitely vote for giving these a chance!  I love them, and you will to!

Target Sandals.PNG

Cognac Sandals

So, I've been obsessed with Sam Edelman sandals for about 4 years or so now... I have 3 pair & I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  But at $60 a pair, I REALLY needed a cheaper alternative in order to continue my new shoe wardrobe goals for 2018!  I stumbled upon these perfect sandals at the best place on Earth last week!  They are only $19.99 & the color is spectacular!  They match my Madewell bag perfectly, and we all know I love matchy-matchy ;)  I literally wore them 5 days in a row after I got them LOL!!  They are perfectly comfy and fit TTS!  You need these versatile sandals for your Spring and Summer wardrobe!!  Plus, you can shop them through the button below - and then pick them up in-store to avoid shipping costs!  You gotta love 21st Century shopping!!


So, I purchased these classic beauties about 2 weeks ago for my sister-in-law's rehearsal dinner later in April.  Since they're intended for a very specific occasion, I have yet to wear them out-and-about for real... But I did wear them around the house for a few hours & to a photoshoot so I could at least give you my preliminary thoughts!  The uppers rubbed by "big-toe-bone" pretty badly, but I think that might be just because the 7.5 was just a little too big for me... I would recommend sizing DOWN a half size for sure.  I love the color and the classy silhouette!  The low heel, ankle strap, and very pointed toe gives the shoe a particular 1920's look that I am just so happy I have added to my shoe wardrobe!!  I think this shoe was made perfectly for dancing at a weddings ;) 

Jessica Simpson Heels.PNG

Nude Sling-backs

Ok, so... Apparently I have a slight obsession with nude shoes... But they are the perfect neutral & can go with anything and everything!  Am I right!?  How many nude shoes is too many!?  

I've just worn these babies 2 days in a row... The first day was for only 4 hours, but the second day was for just over 12 hours!!  And my final verdict is... That they are so AMAZING!!  The heel height is great, the leather is SO SOFT, they fit true to size, and they will go with ANYTHING!  Dress them up with a fancy date night dress, or dress them down with distressed denim and a t-shirt... They are fabulous!!

Espadrille Sneakers.PNG


I'm a huge fan of this new trend!  These particular espadrille sneakers are so cute with the 1" espadrille sole, the blush color, and the scalloped edge!  They were comfortable from the start (no break-in period)!  They are a fabulous price - coming in at just under $40!!  The fit is a little big - I sized down a half of a size.  These qualify for free shipping, but if you still want them immediately, remember you can buy online and pick-up in store, and I can still have the credit for the sale :)  Thanks babes!

Revie Yellow Bow Flats

Yellow Bow Mules

I've gotten several pairs of shoes between the pink espadrilles above and these yellow bow mules, but I skipped ahead to reviewing these because I'm afraid they'll sell out!  They are only $21 (and I have a 15% off coupon code for them: DEMURE15).  So, they are just under $18, and are sold at one of my favorite online boutiques, Revie.  They run a little small, so make sure you size up a half size!  They are a soft suede material, the yellow is so fun, the leather isn't rigid, and the bow/pointy-toed combo is so perfect!!  The soles are a little thin (I mean, they're only $18), but were still perfectly fine for all day wear.  No break-in period.  A wonderful purchase for the price!!! And a great way to support small business :)

ASOS Espadrilles.PNG


Y'all, these striped espadrilles are a Summer, no-brainer!  They come in a 2 pack, with a nude pair, for just $32!  They don't come in half sizes, so I sized up to the 8 (from a 7.5) and they fit just fine!!  No break-in period, no blisters... The soles are thin (but what do you expect from a pair of $16 shoes?).  They are just the perfect, slip-on-and-go Summer shoes - beach, pool, running errands, out for ice cream... You name it, and they are perfect!

Dolce Vita Wedges.PNG

Dolce Vita Wedges

The perfect Summer wedges, if I do say so myself!!  They're almost as popular as those cognac Steve MAdden wedges from last Summer LOL!  They are a great neutral, white/cream color that goes with just about anything!!  There was no break-in period - A.K.A, no blisters from the start!  The fit true to size ( I got my usual 7.5)!  Your "big-toe-bone" (that turns into bunions on some people) fits right in between the 2 lower straps so there is 0 pain!!  But, please note, they made me a full 3 inches taller, LOL!!!  If you're a tall girl, who's close in height to your significant other already, then these shoes may not be right for you...  At $80, they are probably on the upper end of your shoe budget, so make sure you become apart of the store's rewards program so you can get $10 off ;) 

White Pointy-toed Mules.PNG

White Mules

These are super fun and very CHIC slide-ons!  At their $23 price point, they are the perfect addition at EVERY wardrobe!!  I bought my usual size, and they fit just fine!  The leather upper comes farther up on my foot than other mules, so it did rub the top of my foot a little hard the first time I wore them, but once the shoe was creased by my natural walking movement, they were finally comfortable!  So, my advice would be to wear them around the house the first time to break them in!  Other than that, they were so great!!  I've worn them to work 3 times this week LOL!!

Tory Burch Miller Sandals

Tory Burch Sandals

These beauties are the IT-shoe of this Summer.  They are pretty pricey, but worth the money if, A. you love Tory Burch anything, or B. you have a desire to have what's on trend.  I promise, you would be paying for quality!  My thoughts on these are that they go with EVERYTHING, fit try to size, and are very comfortable (no break-in period, and are good for all day wear).  But, on the other hand, they get dirty really easily and are not made for a wide foot... I've only had mine for 2 months and there is already a faint black foot indention on them...  That makes me sad, but I'd still buy them again LOL!  And as far as the "wide foot" thing - I have a friend with wide feet who ended up returning hers because she didn't like that the sides of her feet hung over the edge of the shoe.  Please keep that in mind :)